Our Predictions for the Mobile Industry in 2011

2011 will be an interesting year in the mobile industry, where some predictions are that Verizon will in all likelihood offer the iPhone and Apple may unveil a new version of the iPad. Here are some more predictions you may find surprising:

Two Major OS’s will Run the Monopoly

By the end of 2011 we believe that the two mobile platform providers, which will run the mobile monopoly, will be Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Throughout 2010, Android established itself with a 25% market share. This was up from around 3% the year before. It was clear that momentum was on the side of Apple and Android, while the majority of other OS’s showed little to no growth at all.

2011, we believe, will have a similar trend, where Android and iOS will continue to outgrow their competition. We, however, believe that BlackBerry, Microsoft and Nokia will attempt to ensure better growth this year, although this will be a futile attempt.

BlackBerry will Become more Popular in the Corporate Sector

With BlackBerry already having a good market share in providing communication devices to the corporate sector, we believe that RIM will see a growing foothold in this market in 2011.

With the upcoming release of RIMs tablet computer, we believe that more corporate institutions will revert to this technology.

Already providing a secure and quality service, we believe that this will be a good decision for many companies in 2011.

We, however, think that RIM may face losing a big market in India in an ongoing dispute regarding to unrestricted access by Indian law enforcement agencies to its corporate data originating from the country.

2011 will be an interesting year to follow, as India is only one of a handful of countries involved with RIM over the same dispute.

The Tablet Market will Slow Down in the First Half of the Year

The iPad was boosted tremendously in 2010 by early buyers who were willing to part with $600 for the device. We believe that this market will reach its limits in the first few months of 2011.

In order for the tablet market to pick up its growth rate again, tablets need to become cheaper and there need to be more alternatives for consumers to choose from.

Although a number of new tablet computers are expected to see the light this year, none have really proved to be a real contender to the iPad. We do not think that any device this far is about to make a dent in the market share of the iPad.

Close to the end of 2011, we may be seeing a different picture. Second-generation tablets may be unveiled at cost-effective rates. Features in these tablets may even come close to that on offer by the iPad. This will see the tablet launched into the mass market.

Tons of Apps, but No Use

Apple’s App Store currently has close to 350,000 apps, with more than 25,000 apps submitted each month. This year, undoubtedly, the App Store will surpass the 500,000 app mark. Android, on the other side of the coin, currently has about 150,000 apps and this number is growing even more rapidly than that of Apple.

The problem, however, is that the majority of applications are quite useless. The question is how many life-changing apps will be brought to the apps market?

2011 will surely be the year when developers should look past the useless apps and develop really useful applications for users of any tablet or smartphone.

Location-Sharing will See a Boom

Services such as Foursquare, where users can share their locations around the world with friends, have become very popular. A large number of apps were developed in 2010, which allow users to broadcast their exact location to friends and family.

We believe that 2011 will see the rise of location-sharing apps and services becoming more popular. This year we will see an increasing number of users making use of their mobile devices in transmitting their locations to friends and family.

Not only will this be done as some form of ‘chit-chat’ with friends, but parents will be able to see where their children are. Spouses will be able to check up on one another and much more!

Not only will this be a growing trend in the mobile sector, but we could see services such as Facebook, Twitter and more expanding its technologies to integrate location sharing as part of their current features.

Smartphones will Lower in Price

2011 will see a dramatic drop in smartphone prices. Smartphones will become more accessible to the masses from around the world.

Countries, such as China, are already working on new smartphone devices which will be made available in stores for as low as $70.

A Common Charger will be Available to Different Mobile Gadgets

We read about rumors in 2010 indicating that new technology will unveil new methods of charging your mobile devices. These rumors included chargers where users can simply place a device on a mat, which will automatically charge the device to one charger charging a number of different devices.

This year we will probably see the rise of a charger, driven by specifications set up by the European Commission where 14 top mobile manufacturers have agreed to standardize on chargers that connect to devices via a micro-USB connection.

This means that we will all be in a position to charge that one or more mobile phones or tablet computer, all with the same charger!

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