Comparison of Best Online Backup Services

This article is an attempt to give you an account for the several different online backup services including both paid and free. Following is given the comparison of different services.

Why Use An Online Backup Service?

Although, it is fairly easy to create a local backup of your computer using the physical media such as DVDs or external disk, you cannot often rely on these physical media in long term perspectives. The other major drawback of local backups is incapability to occur in real-time.

Due to these reason, online backup services are often preferred. These online back-up services are cheap and automatically copy your important data over the Internet to a more secure data center and that too in a real-time environment.

Online Backup Services with Free Storage

In case the amount of data you want to store in a cloud is less than 2 GB, you can opt for any of the following online storage services without even spending a singly penny.

All the given online backup services work almost in a similar fashion except for the SkyDrive. What you need to do is to download a small client onto your system. Next, mark the folders you want to store online and the downloaded tool will help monitoring and uploading the marked files or folders to the cloud. Except for Mozy, all the other online backup services allow you to access your file or folders online.

From the above list, SugarSync and ZumoDrive are pretty much similar in features and both are relatively easier to set up. SugarSync supports both Mac and Windows, whereas ZumoDrive moves a head further by offering a Linux client.

Dropbox is another good service for online backup and file synchronization. However, it has a drawback that confines users to place the files or folders into the Dropbox folder before backup else it will not backup files or folders.

Subscription Based Online Backup Services

While 2 GB is not always enough to store photographs, emails, documents, and/or other important/crucial data. So, when it comes to backup data exceeding the 2 GB size, then you can opt for the subscription-based services. Following is given a list of some of the most apt options you can consider:

Backblaze – The true ‘set it and forget it’ backup service

  • Very easy to configure and will automatically backup your entire computer except for the OS files and applications.
  • The addition of any new folder will automatically be added up in the backup. You need not to backup it.
  • Restoring files is a bit difficult.

Carbonite – Makes data recovery really simple

  • This service mark your files or folders selected for backup with color dots, no color dots means the file or folder isn’t selected for backup.
  • You can access your backup data from any place with the help of browser. Even there are applications available for iPhone and BlackBerry so that you can access your backups from these devices as well.
  • The restoration process is extremely easy and one can use Internet Explorer to restore files.
  • The web interface of this service is extremely excellent, but desktop client looks odd and messy.

Mozy – The original cloud backup service

  • The major feature of Mozy is its ability to pile up your files and folders in sets such as documents, emails, photos, media etc and make it easy for you to select the data you want to backup.
  • The version released lately, also helps you to backup your data onto your external disk.
  • Easy steps are involved to restore your data from the backup to the local hard drive.

iDrive – For quick and easy backups

  • On launching the iDrive, it will show you a folder tree of your computer. Simply, choose the folders you want to backup online and the job is done.
  • It also offers you to add your files or folders to backup queue simply by right clicking in the Windows Explorer.
  • iDrive client can be used to restore your backups. Another important feature of this service is that you can restore individual files and folders as well from iDrive’s website.
  • With iDrive Family Plan, you can backup several computers to a single iDrive account.

CrashPlan – One backup service for all platforms

  • CrashPlan offers you large range of backup options. You cannot only backup your files and folder to multiple locations in the cloud, but also backup to another folder on the same hard drive, to any other computer on the same network or to any other Internet connected computer.
  • Unlike many others, it has a simple desktop client interface which is easy to use.
  • CrashPlan is an online backup service that is available for OS, i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Jungle Disk – Metered online storage

  • It relies on Amazon S3 for storing the data.
  • A single account can be used to backup several computers.
  • It is also available for all major OS, i.e. Windows, Mac and Linux.

SugarSync – Access your backups from any mobile device

  • Its working is based on near real-time where a simplest of modification made in any file saved in any of the monitored folders will be backed up immediately.
  • The backup files or folders can be accessed from the web or on mobile phone via appropriate applications.
  • Though, SugarSync is not supported by Windows Explorer, it is quite tiresome to add files or folders to the backup queue.

ZumoDrive – Simple and elegant

  • It is one of the services that is very simple to set up. Simply right click on folder and add it to ZumoDrive cloud.
  • Unlike other online backup services, restoring files or folder with ZumoDrive is a bit difficult as it gives you the ZIP archives of your backup folders which you need to extract in the right destination on your computer.

Online Backup Services Comparison

The table given below will give you a good comparison of different online backup services in terms of their cost, storage offered and some other related features.

Which Online Backup Service Should You Use?

If you want to have a service that backup your entire Mac or Windows PC without getting into the job of selecting files or folders then your must be looking for BackBlaze. You will have unlimited storage with this service with no real setting up. However, restoring is a bit complicated with this service.

SugarSync is another useful online backup service. If you are having a less than 2 GB data you can go for free service, otherwise it may have cost you some bucks per month.

Another impressive online backup service is CrashPlan which supports Mac, Windows and Linux. The most inspiring feature of this service is its ability to create backup on other computers. This will allow this service to quickly restore data as it will not restore data from Internet.

For those who find CrahPlan inefficient because you are not allowed to use web for accessing the backups, they can opt for Carbonite. It makes use of web so that you can add your files and folders to backup queue by simply right clicking in the Windows Explorer. Carbonite also offers easy data restoration process.

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