Facebook: How to Avoid New Photo Viewer

Facebook has always been involved in bringing some unwanted or unnecessary changes in the things which are already appearing nice. You might have got the hint what we are talking about. Yes! We are talking about new Facebook photo viewer which simply in not comparison to previous simple and cool Facebook photo viewer.

You might have found some disadvantages in this new Facebook new photo viewer such as:

  • It appears like a popup.
  • It appears as you are viewing some kind of promotional advertisement.
  • It is slow.
  • Dark black background is often irritating to eyes.
  • There is no keyboard shortcut to move onto the next or previous picture that means you need to use mouse for that.
  • The keyboard shortcuts SHIFT + → or SHIFT + ← are no more there.

How to avoid the new Facebook viewer?

The only way that can allow you to view the pictures other than the new Facebook photo viewer is by clicking the scroll wheel of the mouse. This will open the pictures in new tab pretty much seems like old Facebook viewer.

Why did Facebook thought of changing to the new Photo Viewer?

The most likely reason behind the thought of changing the old Facebook photo viewer can be to get a sort of interface where users need not to move onto new Browser window to view the photographs and later press ‘Back’ to move onto the previous page.

How Facebook Viewer should have been handled

Well, what we believe is that a slid in is far better option than a popup window. Besides this, the appearance and looks must be user friendly and especially the dark background should not be a good option.

We can conclude with the point that there are majority of users who don’t like the new photo viewer, however, there are people who appreciated this change. There are mixed views about the new Facebook photo viewer.

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3 Responses to "Facebook: How to Avoid New Photo Viewer"

  1. Ali says:

    I was really looking for this. Thanks a lot. The new facebook photo viewer sucks big time.

  2. Jack says:

    If you right click and then click on “Open in New Tab” in Firefox or Chrome, you can view photos in old photo viewer.

  3. Mujeeb Mufti says:

    The photo viewer is rather irritating…the method i use is to either press the ctrl key wen i click a picture, this in essence opens the pic in a new tab…alternatively, one can remove the “&theatre” at the end of the url and u can enjoy the old photoviewer without having to open a new tab every time….

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