Huawei to Launch Smartphones, Tablet PCs in Pakistan

Huawei, A Chinese technology giant and one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world is introducing its products in Pakistan. Dai Shengawei, Huawei Regional President for Middle East in an interview with a local newspaper said, ““We believe this is the perfect time to enter the smartphone and tablet market in Pakistan, because the market is relatively new in the region and majority of the products are targeted towards the highend price point,“ adding, “We see that there is a huge market that is eager to enjoy the added value of an innovative smartphone at an affordable price.“

Huawei is focusing on the price factor and to some extent that’s true as well. Huawei will take full advantage of what it predicts is a rapid growth of the smartphone market in Pakistan and the Middle East.

According to International Data Corporation, Pakistan and Middle Easy markets will grow to 39 percent by 2014. The company has already launched its marquee product this Tuesday and will be introducing other devices very soon including the Tablet computer which is expected to be launched for Pakistani consumers by coming Monday. In response to a question regarding the supply chain, Shengwei said, ““Our products will be available in the open market and will come from the manufacturers, through an operator or a retailer.”

According to analyst, the company would probably go through one of the larger retail chains which handle mobile sales in Pakistan. Shengwei was confident that Huawei’s products are up to par and good enough to compete with the best in Pakistan.

“We are targeting the tier-one smartphone vendor and we believe that with our competitive products, we will be able to bring a lot more value and benefits to our customers in the region,“ he said.

The company’s strategy for Pakistan is similar to the one it has in the Middle East ­ creating affordable, high quality and innovative smartphones that capitalize on the gap in the market.

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5 Responses to "Huawei to Launch Smartphones, Tablet PCs in Pakistan"

  1. FireDragon says:

    Now this is the best news for me for the month/year. I forced two of the China Mobile importers to work on Huawei’s devices here in Pakistan But I don’t think they consider it much seriously and stick to do what they were doing. Now they will learn they should have listen to me because those devices are superb, right in price for Pakistan, brilliant in design, strong in build and as good as high-end very pricey devices.

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  2. FireDragon says:

    Seriously? Did I advertise anything?

  3. FireDragon says:

    Since no one else can read my links and you can, I am going to write it, you are welcome to “remove’ my post. It was not an advertise, it was shared information. Secondly when I tell this same thing to some one else, he linked back and he read that thing completely and he appreciated it and post it back on his site. This is the reason you guys are going down like bunch of craps because none of you have any sense of right and wrong left in your mind. And just to be clear I am not in search to find a suitable articles to post that thing, advertising was not even in my mind I was purjosh and I just typed it out so others might get to see what this company is offering. If I would find that same thing on some one elses’ site I would do the same, mean I will post link of that page to this comment. And also I was planning to do a link to this page on my site. I am really sorry to find another SORRY FACE on this beautiful land.

  4. @ FireDragon: I am sorry if you felt that way. I re-checked with the moderator who edited your comment and according to him there was a call of action to a link that didn’t have anything to do with this post, which is called publicity or free advertisement.

    And for the record, we know very well how we are doing. But thank you for writing again.

    We did not remove your link(s) from the username (FireDragon). Did we? That’s all can be done in appreciation of your posting a comment here.

  5. Timur Beg says:

    I have been using the Ideos7 her in the USA. It is an excellent tablet- can use the AT&T network for my mobile phone use

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