Organize Files & Folders Easily with DropIt

There are many people who are though well-organized in their real lives but when it comes to their personal computers, you are surprised to see the plethora shortcuts and folders on desktops.

These people are in fact in the habit to save each and everything on their desktops as a result of which different files and folders scattered around on the desktops make it difficult to locate the required file or folder. This article is an attempt to make you learn how to keep things organized on your computers.

How to Keep your Desktop Tidy

For those whose computer most of the times seems a complete mess, DropIt is an apt Windows utility which can be used to organize your desktop with minimum of efforts. It is a free utility that has a lot to do for your.

What DropIt do is, it adds a small ‘drop’ icon onto your desktop. The files and folders you add to this small drop icon will automatically moved to the respective folders depending upon the predefined rules. These rules are very simple to define and you need not be a skilled person for defining them, e.g. let us take PDFs and Word documents. What you need to do is to define a rules as all (*.doc;*.docx;*.pdf) must go to the My Documents folder. Similarly, all music and videos files (*.mp3;*.mp4;*.wmv) must go to Media folder and that is it.

DropIt is a multipurpose utility which means that it is not only useful in organizing your desktop but also helps you systematize or order your files and folders saved in your local drives. You can copy or move the files and folders from one local drive to other. It also offers you to move your files or folders in a compressed form. You just need to choose ‘compressed’ in the transfer mode to make sure that the transferred files are saved as zipped.

DropIt also allows you to integrate it with the Windows search so that you can search the files and organize them instead of looking them in each and every folder on your hard drive.

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  1. Kashif says:

    That’s a good tutorial but again sometimes you need to put stuff in a manner which works for you best. If you are dealing with hundreds of files, it could create a mess.

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