[STUDY] Top 10 Most Mac-Friendly Countries in the World

Mac has gain a lot of popularity in recent few years and there are many countries having a good Mac market share. But here the point is which country has a major Mac market share. For this, we have considered the OS X market share figures from all over the world to determine that which particular country has the highest Mac OS X market share.

For many of you United States being a home market for Apple should lead the list, but this is in fact not the case. There are many different things that one needs to consider while determining the market shares.

The Most Mac-Friendly Countries

We turned to StatCounter to have a look at desktop OS market share data. The data provided by StatCounter is established upon visitor stats taken from over three million websites. We paid attention to the month of February, 2011 to obtain the most recent figures.

By analyzing different figures, we deduced that the top ten most Mac-friendly countries are Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United States, Iceland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark and Singapore.

Above: The 10 most Mac-friendly countries given in descending order of their market share.

There are certain other countries having a small Mac market share such as Sweden, Japan, United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium and France.

The Most Mac-Friendly World Regions

Apart from individual countries, it is also necessary to analyze the Mac market share in different world regions.

Talking about the world regions, it seems that United States has made a comeback in this category with having North America at the top of the list. Oceania is on second and Europe is third in the list. It has seen that in Asia, Africa and South America, Mac has less than 2 percent of market share.

Above: World regions with highest Mac market share.

It is important to reveal other important figures regarding the Mac market share is of sub-region of Europe. All the five Nordic countries are included in the list of top ten countries with three holding the top positions.


Apple has gained a lot of popularity with its products like iPod, iPhone, and its recently introduced iPad. Apple is also selling personal computers. But Apple’s Mac computer doesn’t have such a high number of users in the world as for its other products. However, its Mac computers do have a market share and becoming more popular and considered the far-off competitor of Windows- based personal computers.

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