Top 10 Blacklisted Websites in the World

There are many instances in our lives where we have seen that parents as well as business organizations blocked certain websites which according to them are inapt for children or hinder the workers’ efficiency at the workplace. Parents and organizations normally refer to OpenDNS to block certain websites. OpenDNS is a popular DNS service on the Internet used to block different websites.

OpenDNS has provided a list of top ten websites that are on top among several other websites which are blocked by parents or organizations. The chart showing the ratings of top ten most blocked websites is given below.

The list mentioned in the chart contains social networking sites and some adult websites. Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are among the social networks while Redtube, Pornhub and Playboy fall under adult sites. Besides these, there are two advertising networks as well in that list.

Following is given a list of sites which are often blocked by home users or official users from the OpenDNS. The websites given in the list are sequenced according to the percentage showing the ratio at which these websites are blocked from OpenDNS networks.

  • Facebook.com —14.2%
  • MySpace.com — 9.9%
  • YouTube.com — 8.1%
  • Doubleclick.net — 6.4%
  • Twitter.com — 2.3%
  • Ad.yieldmanager.com — 1.9%
  • Redtube.com —1.4%
  • Limewire.com — 1.3%
  • Pornhub.com —1.2%
  • Playboy.com — 1.2%

Top Websites Blocked in Offices

Above mentioned is the graph of websites blocked in offices. It is not surprising to see Meebo in the list. Meebo is a web service that allows you to login to your Google Talk, Facebook chat etc on the web browser. When regular chat software applications are blocked then people normally turn toward such applications.

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5 Responses to "Top 10 Blacklisted Websites in the World"

  1. umer kayani says:

    This article is really amazing, and very informative.
    Can you tell us country wise ratio of bloked website

  2. Tom says:

    Tell me american ratio. I want to which sites blocked in my country.

  3. Ali Khan says:

    Haha FaceBook is the winner 🙂

  4. tech core says:

    strange…i wasnot know that facebook on the blacklist…

  5. Top Websites says:

    Amazing howz it possible.
    facebook is a social networking site
    bt in blacklisted
    thanks for this information

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