Amazon Cloud Drive: 5 GB FREE Storage Space

Recently, Amazon has disclosed its new storage service given the name Amazon Cloud Drive. This is a free online storage service giving you 5GB of storage place. You can store your important data like documents, photos, music, and several other files in Amazon Cloud Drive. What you need to avail this service is to register your free account on Amazon.com. This account becomes handy when you need to upload your data. Interestingly, you can access your data through web browser from any device.

Among many other online file storage services, Amazon Cloud Drive is a great achievement for the Amazon because of its characteristic features. You only need a client in the form of web browser to upload and download your files from Cloud Drive.

It is fairly easy to upload your data from computer to your Cloud Drive. For instance, if you are intended to copy your whole ‘My Documents’ folder to Cloud Drive, you can upload your data manually. However, if you want to upload your data in a single go, you can convert the entire folder into zip format and upload it. It is interesting to note here that Amazon Cloud Drive support 2GB large files where this figures for other online storage services are quite less, e.g. Dropbox offer a size limit of 300MB.

Among all other features, it also has a useful desktop client that is capable of scanning your music files and automatically uploads them on Cloud Drive so that you can access your music files from anywhere, anytime using the web browser without even downloading them. Amazon Cloud Drive also becomes useful in situations where you need to upload large files such as Outlook PSTs.

Amazon S3 versus Amazon Cloud Drive

Another surprising aspect about Amazon Cloud Drive comes into act when we compare it with Amazon S3 in terms of their pricing plan. Although, Cloud Drive normally relies on Amazon S3 for its storage, the storage cost of the two services differs a lot, i.e. Amazon S3 is as much as 80% costlier than Cloud Drive.

Amazon S3 charges its users 14¢ per month per GB ($1.78/year) including 10¢ data transfer fee whilst the Cloud Drive offers 1GB of storage space for $1 per year with no other charges. Although, Amazon S3 is an excellent service for online backup, Cloud Drive is an option that can save you a lot.

Bonus Tip – Upgrade to 20 GB for less than $1

As we have mentioned earlier that Amazon Cloud Drive is a free online storage Service that offers 5GB of storage for free. You can upgrade to 20GB storage plan by paying $20.

You can upgrade to 20GB plan by another way also, i.e. anyone who buys MP3 album from Amazon, they will upgrade their storage. On Amazon.com, you can find a range of MP3 albums that costs less than $1, simply buy anyone of those and your account will be upgraded. However, it is important to note here that although the Cloud Drive is available for the users all over the world, the music store is only for the people of United States.

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