Firefox 5, 6, and 7 Are In The Pipeline

You will hardly find a person using computer and Internet that didn’t heard the name Mozilla. Mozilla is the company behind the designing of a popular browser Firefox. Mozilla has always been busy in bringing some innovative features for its large user base. There are reports that Mozilla is planning to release two newer versions of its browser this year. Firefox 5 is scheduled to launch on June 21, 2011 and Firefox 6 will be expected to release on August 18, 2011. The dates are still tentative and subject to change.

Company claims that the initial alterations to Firefox should be integrated in the mozilla-central Mercurial repository. Company has set some scheduled intervals, 6 weeks in general at which the changes are brought from mozilla-central Mercurial repository to one of three larger channels. The process is not limited to mozilla-central as there will also be firefox-experimental, firefox-beta and firefox (release) and all of them should be backed by its own Mercurial repository.

The firefox-experimental channel is the initial channel that will receive all the new features at regular intervals and some of them might get disabled if the engineers think they need additional work. The firefox-beta channel will receive only those new features that are planned to feature in the firefox release. It is important to note that firefox-experimental and firefox-beta channels will not receive new feature instantly as we have mentioned earlier that there will be an interval of 6 weeks between each stage and each stage therefore lasts for 6 weeks.

Firefox 5 is assumed to be different from the future versions because of the lack of a development overlap with Firefox 4. In an announcement last month, Mozilla mentioned all the releases including Firefox 4, Firefox 5, Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 will be launched in the current year. We are little skeptical about this statement after seeing the delays of Firefox 4. We can still hope that Mozilla will stick to its schedule this time.

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