Gaming – The Top Use for Tablets

Recently, a survey is conducted by AdMob, a mobile advertising company acquired by Google back in November, 2009, over 1,400 tablet users with a view to find out how the majority of people use their tablets. Before moving on to the results of survey, it is worth mentioning here that over the past six months or so, the user traffic in the AdMob network from tablets has become 300 percent.

The Tablet Survey was conducted in March 2011 and the most prominent points that AdMob has derived from the survey includes:

  • About 43% of the people spend much of their time with their tablet as compared to desktop PCs or laptops.
  • 1 in 3 people prefer spending time with their tablet over watching television.
  • 84% of respondents are involved in gaming, 78% use their tablet for searching and 74% of them use it for sending emails.
  • Among the least popular activities, shopping stands at 42%, reading e-books stands at 46% and 51% use their tablet for entertainment purposes.
  • In a view of 62% respondents, the usage of tablet is on higher side at night times.
  • 77% percent of respondents said that after getting a tablet, the usage of PCs and laptop is decreased.
  • 68% people with tablets spent at least 1 hour on their device in a day.
  • Almost 82% of the people with tablet use their device at home.
  • 28% people refer their tablet as primary computer.
  • 69% people said that they use their tablet every so often on weekdays as compare to weekends.

We are not surprised to see the comparison of desktop PCs and laptops as tablets are one of those devices that are more inclined towards consumption than creation. Games and apps are the factors that are always associated with such devices and this is the reason that such a big number of users use their tablet for gaming. It is not something unusual as one can expect such stats when it comes to devices like tablet.

Interestingly, Sony is aiming to come up with its PlayStation Certified tablet this year. Similarly, the retail chain GameStop also taking into account to create one of its own gaming tablets. We are a little skeptical here whether such gaming tablets are really the requirement of the people or they are just aiming to bring new era in tablet’s history.

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