Google Chrome Now Features 3D Web Audio API

Google has brought good news for the Windows users in the form of offering 3D Web Audio API in the latest Canary build of the browser.

This feature was already available in Mac OS X Chromium builds and also in Chrome 10 and 11 for Mac OS X, but it was not available for Windows users until it is recently announced by Google. In order to enable this feature, you must be running a Canary build of Chrome. You need to start the browser with -enable- webaudio switch. What you need to do is to add the switch to the command line in the shortcut properties of the Chrome Canary icon.

Some examples have been provided by Google which you can use with Canvas 2D and Canvas 3D API. The most intriguing factor of this feature is its 3D sound feature that was restricted to some proprietary applications before such as in Mingleverse’s telepresence service. The same effect can now be created with 3D Web Audio API. If you are having Canary build (Chrome 12.0.739.0) installed then you must check out the sample page.

On the sample page different examples are given including the panning/reverb example that displays the 3D effect and also the WebGL pool game in which sound effects are used.

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One Response to "Google Chrome Now Features 3D Web Audio API"

  1. Bob says:

    They pulled it out again, so current builds don’t have Web Audio: http://peter.sh/2011/04/web-audio-api-script-de-obfuscation-an-updated-ui-and-the-contentsettings-api/#comment-11731 .
    And once it is back in, the correct syntax for the switch is: –enable-webaudio (hyphen hyphen enable hyphen webaudio).

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