How to Install Celeste (Bluetooth App) on iOS 4.3.1 Easily

Certainly, people at CrackTouch deserve a lot of appreciation as they somehow succeeded to install Celeste on iOS 4.3.1 in spite of the Action Menu dependency problem. However, a one step tip has been provided by Tyler Casson that is based on editing your SystemVersion.Plist file. What you need to do is to install iFile from Cydia and simply edit SystemVersion.Plist file on your iDevice.

Location: /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist

Before Editing SystemVersion.Plist

After Editing SystemVersion.Plist

What you need to do is to alter the ProductBuildVersion to 8C148 and ProductVersion to 4.2.1 and you’re done. Once you have made necessary changing in the aforesaid values, simply restart your idevice and install Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing app via Modmyi repo. After installing the Celeste app, launch iFile and reedit the variables back to default as given in the image. Once again you need to reboot the idevice after installing Celeste app.

Following is given a brief video demo for the people who are not used to Celeste:

Update#1: We really appreciate the efforts of folks at iPhoneForums for testing it out. I can send and receive all files using Celeste app on iOS 4.3.1. The only problem that I am having is the Action Menu in the iPod app isn’t working. If any one has the fix please do share with us in the comments section.

Update#2: You can skip the aforementioned procedure as Action Menu 1.1.1 (Compatible with iOS 4.3.1) and Celeste for iOS 4.3.1 are available for download from http://repo.biteyourapple.net/ repo. However, you need to keep one thing in mind that no previous installation of Action Menu or Celeste on your idevice should be there and also set the ProdcutBuildVersion in your SystemVersion.Plist file as 8G4 and ProductVersion as 4.3.1.

Update#3: xSellize repo (http://cydia.xsellize.com) has just announced the Action Menu 1.1.1-1 for iOS 4.3.1. It is strongly recommended that before proceeding with new installation, remove all the previously installed Action Menu and Celeste App. Always start with installing Action Menu 1.1.1-1 first and then get Celeste DEB from BiteYourApple repo.

Summary of Update#3:

  1. Uninstall all the previously installed Action Menu and Celeste from your iDevice.
  2. Always install Action Menu 1.1.1-1 from xSellize repo.
  3. For DEB file of Celeste, refer to BiteYourApple repo.
  4. Copy Celete deb to /Root Directory/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall using iPhone Explorer and restart your iDevice.

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