iTelePad2Pod Lets You Run iPad Apps on iPhone or iPod Touch

Yes, you can use your purchased iPad apps on iPhone and iPod touch using iTelePad2Pod, an ismoothproject Apple Script app. You need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch before proceeding further.

What iTelePad2Pod does is to send the .app file via SFTP to your iDevice which should have OpenSSH installed on it. As expected, iPad apps won’t work perfectly because of the differences of the screen sizes. Also bear in mind that all apps won’t necessarily work using this app.

How to Use iPad Apps on iPhone or iPod Touch

  • Download iTelePad2Pod Here and Unzip it.
  • Move the iTelePad2Pod folder to the /Applications Folder on your Mac.
  • Navigate to iTelePad2Pod folder (/Applications/iTelePad2Pod) and open the iTelePad2Pod application.(/Applications/iTelePad2Pod/iTelePad2Pod.app)
  • Follow the steps as instructed in the app.

Video Tutorial

The developer creates the apps strictly for the Mac so, the app is not for Windows.

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