Long-Awaited Llano Processor Finally Shipped

The idea of Llano processor appeared on the scenes about five years back when AMD declared the acquisition of ATI. The company’s representatives then described this acquisition as a step towards the integration of the CPU and GPU. The name given to this splendid effort is Llano.

Recently, AMD announced that the shipping of A-series processors given the code name as Llano has commenced. This processor is a 32 nm combination of a Phenom II (K10.5) core and a DirectX 11-class Evergreen GPU. You need not to consider it as a high-end gaming product nor does it offer you the performance of a CPU as you get from Intel’s Sandy Bridge. Despite this, AMD always has an edge over other developers in term of graphics horsepower that remains to be a conventional weak point for Intel. What AMD suggests of Intel is to stand up with a well balanced product or acceleration processing unit (APU). AMD said that Intel will not be able to challenge Llano’s GPU performance till Intel will announce its Ivy Bridge series.

Initially, Llano will be introduced in mainstream and higher-end notebooks. The surfacing of Llano in mainstream desktop PCs is planned for some later time. Llano is a part of lynx platform that is offered in two and four CPU cores.

Previously, the company announced the launching date in 2009 with a 45 nm Fusion processor which then postponed to 2010 and then 2011, primarily due to the financial crisis that company had back in 2007 and 2008.

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