Tips to Save Windows Phone 7 Battery

Windows Phone 7 was announced in last year at the venue of Barcelona. It has been a year now since the announcement of this Smartphone. Microsoft certainly has done a great job and work hard on this new mobile platform which not just only features large range of smart applications but also blended the entire desktop inside a small phone. As we are aware of the fact that Smartphones are known to have high end applications that keep running all at once in the background and affected the only thing called battery life. Battery life has always been a cause of concern for many users of Smartphones. However, to overcome this problem in the new Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft has done a remarkable job in saving your battery backup. Following are given some of the useful tips that will help you minimize the consumption of your phone battery.

1. Changing your User Interface Color

It is a great way to reduce the power load on your phone’s battery. It is strongly recommended to change the user interface color to black or something dark. You have a number of options to choose from in Windows Phone 7 platform. Black or dark backgrounds save a lot of power for your phone battery.

2. Avoid Multitasking on your Smartphones

Multitasking also affect the battery life so it is suggested not to use your phone for multitasking all the time. However, Windows Phone 7 has a unique feature in it which helps a lot in saving the battery power. This feature is designed so that while using any application, if you received a call, it will automatically stop the application during the period of your talking time and as soon as you end the call, it will resume the application from where it is stopped. Certainly, in this way a lot of battery power can be saved.

3. Changing the Email Retrieval Settings

Windows Phone 7 also features email retrieval settings. These settings allow the user to customize email retrieval period in their phones. It is a kind of push email facility featured in majority of the Smartphones and consumes a lot of battery power. It is therefore a good idea to customize email retrieval period to minimize the battery consumption.

4. Disabling your Automatic Data Connection Feature

Another feature that Windows Phone 7 has is ‘Automatic Data Connection’ feature. This feature automatically connects your phone with computer when become within a suitable range. This feature consumes good amount of phone battery. It is better to turn off this feature and manually turns it on when needed.

5. Switching off your Wi-Fi Connection

In most of the Smartphones, the Wi-Fi connection remains always active so as to when reach in range it automatically connects. It also consumes a lot of battery power of your phone. Better to switch it off when not in range to ensure that your phone battery is not consumed.

6. Reduce your Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is another major cause that affects the battery power. The higher the brightness, more it will consume the battery. So, try lowering the screen brightness to ascertain that your phone battery remains charged up for longer period of time.

7. Turning Off the Apps

The other way you can save your phone battery is by turning off the unnecessary applications that are there to consume a large part of your phone battery. For example, if you are having a weather application, it will keep on consuming your phone battery because its function is to connect to internet (GPRS) and update the weather for. There are many such applications which you can abstain from to save battery power.

8. Turning off the GPS Positioning Service

GPS Positioning Service is another common application in almost all the new Smartphones. This service is widely used to identify correct location and time for particular place. Although, it is a useful service, it consumes a lot of battery power. So, it is necessary to turn this service off when you are not using it to save your phone battery.

9. Synchronize Music and Picture on your Desktop

The next thing you can do to save your phone battery is to prevent synchronizing the music files that have a longer streaming time. Also, try synchronizing your music and picture files that you use often on desktop or laptop to minimize the battery usage.

10. Configure to Shorter Screen Time-out Duration

Another way to save battery power is to set your screen time-out duration as low as possible because the more the screen will remain on, greater will be the battery consumption.

These are some of the tips that you can use to increase the battery backup of your Windows Phone 7 platform.

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