Your iPhone is Tracking Your Every Move

You can be tracked easily by cell phones as shown in almost every other action movie. However, in movies they can only track the current location. But imagine that, if your cell phone can be used to track your present location as well as past ones? A research reveals that Apple Iphone is doing the same for a few months now.

Researchers Alasdair Allan & Pete Warden told at today’s 2.0 conference held in Santa Clara, that iPhone and iPads 3G are storing never ceasing list of timestamps and locations, which is going on since the release of iOS 4.This is somehow confusing but it becomes unusual as “consolidated.db” file is synchronized in plain text, which is a part of iPhone backup. By that I mean if your iPhone is synced with any machine, your data could be resting there and can be used to track your recent whereabouts.

There is nothing much to worry about as of now because we don’t think Apple would be doing anything with the data. No Instant harm is present for the time being because Someone would need access to the machine that are used to sync the iPhone to retrieve your location(s).

Now we know this is possible and tools to examine the data would certainly be on the way. Previously mentioned researchers have already created a tool that allows you mix it up against a map, which is really irritating.

We are just wondering if there are any legitimate reasons behind this by Apple? Or they maybe using it to measure call quality or signal strength. It might be an unexpected debug output while testing the GPS. We are not yet sure about any of these but Apple definitely should come up with a reason quickly.

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