Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the latest trend in the information age and it is becoming popular day by day. It is increasingly used by large multinational companies and their services are offered by companies like Google and IBM.

Cloud computing is a technology which provides applications and services to the users on demand. It helps in optimizing the resources and reduces the overall IT budget of the enterprise. It enables the user to pay for what they are using or a subscription based services without investing any upfront capital on software and hardware licenses. It helps the enterprise to become more flexible in choosing the type of service they require.

Cloud Computing offers large number of advantages like:

Flexibility: Cloud computing offers a lot more flexibility to the employees of an organization as they can work from anywhere and anytime. They only have to connect to the internet to access and work on their office files and other official documents. These files can also be accessed from smart phones like Blackberry which helps the employee to retrieve information from any place and time.

Ease of Access: Accessing software is hassle free and easy to use and operate. The downloading time is very less and depends upon the speed of the internet. Access of data and files can be done in minutes provided the speed of the internet is good.

Affordable: Using softwares through Cloud computer is much cheaper than purchasing licenses. Besides the cost it also helps in saving computer memory and data management becomes much easier. Subscribing to software is much cheaper than paying one time heavy fees. There is no refund in case the application is not good, however in cloud computing the company has the option to discontinue a service or switch to other superior software.

Besides the advantages, it has certain disadvantages too:

Data Security: All data and important computer files of the organization are stored on the internet, which can be destroyed or deleted, causing severe loss to the organization. Data can also be hacked and stolen from servers by competitions to gain an upper hand. However cloud computing companies are assuring the enterprises that their data is secured and well protected.

Internet Connectivity: For using the cloud computing service it is necessary to have an internet connection without which one cannot access files or data. Poor connectivity and constant interruptions can affect the employee’s productivity.

These are some of the disadvantages of the cloud computing which scores very less as compared to the advantages it gives. It is still in its initial stages and will soon evolve and would be soon used by individual users just like TV channels.

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