Characteristics of Addicted Gamers

An addicted gamer is the type of player that takes gamming very seriously and can end up forgetting about other things (even eating, drinking or sleeping) in order to play.

While being a gamer is a good thing, and it has been proven that some games develop skills (like shooters developing faster reactions for example) it is not good to take it to the extreme. A real life example involves a boyfriend kissing his girlfriend while the computer was running a free MMORPG game. When he heard the sound of a jewel falling down on the ground on the spot where his character was leveling in, away from keyboard – known as “afk mode” – he threw her on the ground to get to the keyboard faster and grab it – acting like this should raise serious questions in one’s mind.

Many people (including you and me) have been addicted at some point – we may refer to this as a temporary addiction  when we wanted to finish that game we waited for so long (remember Starcraft 2, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Warcraft 3, Max Payne 2 etc) or simply because we really loved the game (role playing games known as RPG certainly are included here – see Gothic or Elder Scrolls series).

But the true addicted gamer will be far worse then a temporary one, as he will live his life to play games (or just one game), and we have had real life examples of people even dying in different parts of the world (known cases in China and Korea).

Common characteristics of addiction include gaming for hours. A normal gamer should take breaks every one hour of play and even do something else for a change in the day other then gaming. When you start delaying your meals and water drinking, or you end up eating in front of the computer while a cinematic from the game is playing, then you can be sure that you are addicted.

Another sign of addiction and perhaps one of the worst, involves your boss leaving another message on your answering machine, about you being late again while you are still playing or taking a short break to make yourself yet another coffee, as you listen to it.

While the above are only some of the most obvious signs of addiction to games, you should start worrying if your girlfriend, family or friends are telling you that they feel ignored or if your boss wants to fire you and you are not sure why.

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