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Computer Gaming has come a long way.  I remember back in the day, when the latest craze, actually it was amazing, was “Pong.”  Pong was a computer generated visual graphic game that you could play on your TV.  You had a black box with video and audio out and the box had two knobs on it that controlled a slither of white video that represented a ping-pong paddle.  A square “ball” would traverse back and forth while two players tried to keep it in play.  Whenever the ball hit a surface, it would produce a muffled “knock…knock…knock” sound.  I remember me and my friends going crazy over this computer game after all, it was one of the very first.

Today computer games are on steroids or you have to be to play them.  Beefy processors, lightning fast video graphics, control gizmos and gadgets, laser control, peer-to-peer gaming, outrageous audio and video design are just some of the latest things you will interact with when gaming in today’s time.

You may ask, “How do I play these games, there are so many choices of games and gaming technology?  Well, there are some things you should consider when entering into the world of computerized gaming.  First, look at your wallet, this is a good beginning point or barometer on how much you should spend on gaming, the sky is the limit when purchasing gaming equipment and software.

Computer games come in big and small packages.  You can download free versions of Pacman that are much more entertaining than the original Pin Ball arcade versions.  Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong are some others that you can get for little or no money.  Then there is a whole bunch of cheesy games you can get free, every now and then you may find one that will keep your attention.  To get some decent games for free go to www.cnet.com and do a search for games (hit enter, on the left side click on “free”).  Of course, you will need a device to play them on.  Most everybody has a computer these days but if you do not borrow a friends or buy one for yourself.  You can get good deals these days on desktop and laptop computers that are gaming capable.  It took a few years for computers to get up to speed to crunch out truly entertaining games.

You can buy a used Nintendo system for about $29 or you can spend as much as $100-$300 and get a state of the art Xbox or Playstation3 gaming computer and you may be able to find one used or on EBay.  Check your nearest thrift store.  There are also handheld game consoles that a very entertaining for about $70 and up.  Then there is the PC.  Most any version of a computer game played on a dedicated gaming console like Xbox or Playstation can be played on your own personal computer.  This is where it can get very expensive.  Some graphics boards cost $300 to over $1, 000.00.  Some gamers “overclock” their systems to increase processing speed. This could range into the thousands of dollars (search “overclocking” to learn more).  Do not forget about speaker systems, soundboards, controllers or joysticks.  In addition, you can go all out with simulated cars and plane cockpits that you sit in and control like the real thing.  This could cost you $10, 000 if you get the best of the best.

Here is the point.  The gaming world is massive.  Read reviews and take note of prices to pick out your gaming gear.  Do not over do your wallet.  You need game software that can be free or cost thousands of dollars.  Headsets, controllers, video screens, surround sound systems and much more is available for the computer gamer.  You can find everything you need if you shop wisely.  Knowing what you want and can afford is a big advantage.  So get out and put together your dream game system.  Play the game of computer gaming.

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