Internet Gaming Tips for Newbies

Most of us started out as a newbie at online games in the beginning and it are only fair for the most experienced to try to help other new comers, by giving them a few tips to better succeed where otherwise they may fail.

When thinking of the most valuable hint for online gaming, one should never share the password to their account, not even to game masters (admins) as they will never ask it, and the people who do, usually want to scavenge your items and leave you bare-naked. Your id may be provided if a game master specifically asks you, as you might have won a prize or if you want them to check a specific bug in your inventory (pouch, chest or storeroom) that you may have encountered on your account.

Avoid “free bonuses”  that you receive as personal messages from unknown members that promise you a great item or a huge sum of money if you give them your account or who knows what else. The only legit free bonuses can be offered by official partners or by the admins via an event.

If you are new at playing a specific game or genre then it is clear that you should gather more information on how the game should be played and learn tips and tricks on how characters can be built for success; searching for online information usually helps but be sure not to pay for it (the forum of the game may have all the info that you need). Provided you have enough time on your hands, you could also try and experiment with a test character, see what works and what does not, and after that create another character with the best skills that worked for you.

As for system requirements you should never ignore them, and try to always have more than the minimum, preferably even more than the recommended as online games can often move slowly because of bad combinations between your hardware and software along with a bad internet connection. Yes, you guessed it right, another must is a good internet connection that does not disconnect you from the game every 10 minutes (just imagine what would happen if you were in a group quest that takes place once a day). You should try (if available) a demo of the game before paying for it, as this may answer some of your questions before spending money on something that you may not want after all.

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