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Some of the best things in life are free.  “Open Source” is a term used to describe a concept of open sharing of ideas, source code and programs.  Ultimately, this all adds up to free software and utilities for the masses. To be of open source requires that software claiming to be as such must meet specific guidelines.  Mainly the software should be open to the public; the software will include compiled versions and raw source code that can be modified by public programmers.  Any license in relation to this type of software must be fully transferable to anyone.  Open source must be capable of being easily and freely distributed.  This type of software can be packaged and sold with other software without the usual royalty fees.  In addition, there is no discrimination against those using open source for whatever they want to.  As you can see, this concept of open, sharable software has opened a wealth of free software programs and utilities.

This Open source was originally conceived by Bruce Perens and was called The Debian Free Software Guidelines.  Bruce belonged to the Linux community of researchers and programmers who have developed highly functional open source, free operating systems.  You can down load or get a CD with an open source operating system on it like Ubuntu or Debian and install it on your PC and you are good to go, free!  From fully blown accounting software to operating systems and utilities, open source provides ample free software.
This all came about starting in 1983 when OSS or open source software was introduced to the public and it replaced older versions of free software or shareware.  Since then, versions of open source software have become fairly well designed and always free.  Open source allows for programmers and software designers to modify, transport and improve the original code, kind of like a coop.  Therefore, if you see room for improvement in a particular open source software package, you can modify and enhance the source code and compile it and then distribute the new and enhanced open source software.  This coop approach to software design has rivaled the big commercial software distributors.  For example, you can get an open source program known as Paint.net that is just as good as PhotoShop™ or even better.  There is a set of open source programs (Open Office.org – OOo) similar to Microsoft Office™ that has the same word-processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation functionality as MS Office™ does.
Therefore, you can begin to imagine how useful Open Source can be to a beginning entrepreneur or student.  This Open Source software can lead to success by providing good, cheap and portable software free.  You cannot get any cheaper than that.  Go online to OpenOffice.org and download an Office Software Suite of programs that could bring you immense success.

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