Tips on Buying a New Computer

Computers have now become an important part of the human life. They are used for many purposes and available in different price and configurations. The computer market is flooded with many computer products which can sometime confuse the buyer. It is therefore advisable to do a bit of research before purchasing as this will help in getting a fair deal.

Computers can be purchased for various purposes. Some of them require them for entry level purposes like documentation or for internet surfing and some require them for running and designing complex softwares and hence they need a powerful machine with high memory and speed.

There are number of things which should be researched properly before purchasing a computer. Some of them are: –

Budget: One has to keep in mind the price which they can easily pay for a particular machine. A machine with high configurations and multiple accessories will cost much more than a plain simple computer. One has to decide their requirement and budget as the price can move up sharply if one decides to add more features.

For beginners, it is recommended that they should go for a plain simple machine with an option to upgrade at a later stage. If the budget is tight and the specification is high, than one can also consider the option of second hand purchase with some assistance.

In order to reduce cost, one can also self-assemble the computer provided they have the necessary computer assembly knowledge. Assembling helps the user to make a customized machine in a short span of time and in much lower cost.

Space: Computers are available in different size and shapes and one must select the shape as per the space available. At times it becomes too difficult for the customer to arrange the space for its plugs and other ports if space is limited. They should always be purchased keeping in mind that they have to be upgraded in the near future and as such adding ports and wires should not be a problem then. If space is available then one should go for a full tower desktop.

Processor: Processors are the brains of the computer. The speed of the processor makes the computer slow or fast. There are lots of processor manufactures available in the market. Some popular processor manufactures are Intel, AMD and Apple which are reputed and reliable brands. The speed of the processor also impacts the overall cost of the computer as faster processor cost much more than their slower counterparts. In any case one should never purchase a processor with speed less than 1.4GHZ. The user can also purchase processor with more than 2GHZ speed if it is within their budget.

Main Memory: Main memory or RAM is the place where the operating system and other program run. A bigger RAM memory increases the speed of the computer as it has more space to execute computer programs. It is recommended that one should never go for a computer which has less than 256MB RAM. Computers now days are available with more than 1GB RAM which allows the user to work faster and to do multiple tasks.

Besides the above mentioned features there are many more important aspects like warranty, graphic card, external memory etc. which one has to consider before purchasing the computer. Proper knowledge of these terms will help the buyer to get a fair deal.

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