Tycoon Games Are Getting Popular?

Tycoon games usually refer to business simulation games and included here are transportation (public transport within a city or national transport), tourism, management of different things (city, pizzeria, zoo, hotel, prison, fish shop etc). In general, they refer to economic simulation games and this may just be the main reason to why they are getting popular, as more and more people are looking for ways to see if their business will run well or not. Students can benefit a lot from this as they can test different theories and see if they could work or not and can even face situations in a simulated environment before encountering it in a real life situation.

A personal favorite example of how a tycoon game can help the real world is the English game from Russian WWF (World Wildlife Fund) game that puts you at the head of the virtual WWF and allows access to all the real life guaranteed or possible funds in order to help you save the Amur leopard, which is probably the most endangered big cat in the world (with less then 35 left in the wild). The interesting thing is that from the beginning you are asked to try and solve an international problem in a period of 30 years in game and if the solution is found to inform the WWF and provide them with every step you took to achieve this.

We talked about the economic side of tycoon games, but we can also include simulation games, and I am talking about the popular “Sims” game that simulates the real life of a family. It is obvious that by playing this game, you will learn quite a few things about what appliances you need around the house.

Thinking of tycoon games as a whole, it is probably the fact that we can learn so much from the comfort of our homes about how different things are run (hotels, zoos, train companies etc) that makes them more and more popular, especially with the lack of learning in public schools and with employees constantly looking for people that have more “practical” skills then the others.

Seeing how our children are raised in a more and more digitally active society, it is only natural for them to gain some advantages that they can learn from tycoons and these types of games also help them in handling different people later in real life situations which they may face.

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