Understanding the Importance of RAM – Random Access Memory

Anyone who has taken a basic computer class or taught himself or herself how to use a computer understands that RAM or Random Access Memory is crucial to the operation of a computer.  The operating system, which is the foundation that all software and utilities stand on, is put into RAM when you turn a computer on and boot.  A computer will not start without RAM.  Think of RAM as living space for software.  The more space you have the more productive you can be.

In computer basics 101 you will learn that the essence of computing is nothing more than ones and zeroes or on and off.  Random access memory are electrical switches that, depending on the voltage of the switch, are considered to be on or off.  Flip a switch on and the electrical current will flow through it producing a desired result.  Turn a switch off and everything stops or is “off.”  By grouping and combining these ones and zeroes a computer will produce code or software that will create a preferred outcome.  One can begin to abstract that the more RAM you have in your computer, the more you can do.  RAM is very, very important to the functioning of a computerized or digital device.  Weather it is a large mainframe computer or your average home PC, the amount and quality of RAM in a computer system makes all the difference.

As your knowledge of computers grows you will learn that there are various architectures of computer technology.  Legacy systems may be incompatible with the latest RAM technology.  Know what type of RAM is superlative for your system.  Assemblages of RAM are SDRAM, DDR3, DDR, DDR2, ECC and ECC-DDR.  These different types of RAM ‘modules’, that can be added or removed from your computer-  the more, the better.  Processing chips today use RAM as a scheme of quick computation.   Therefore, it is important to understand that the speed and quality of your RAM can have an impact on many different functions or components of a PC like video display, audio processing, image scanning and local or wide area networking.  Are you beginning to get the idea?  RAM is very important.
Do not worry, the prices for RAM have come down in recent years.  With the proliferation of chip manufacturers and the increase in supply and a decrease in demand, because most everyone has a computer, chip prices have fallen.  You can get a lot of RAM for a relatively small price.  In addition, there are many books and online guides about how to install RAM into a computer.  The steps are rather simple.  Check to make clear in your mind what type of RAM your system uses.  Next, make sure you know what configuration the RAM has to be in when installed.  Some systems require similar sized RAM modules installed in pairs to work properly.  Refer to your user manual for such information.  Then open the cover of your PC and you will see small rectangular circuit boards residing in slots on the motherboard.  These circuit boards have rows of about 5 to 10 brown or black computer chips on them.  Normally, there is a clip on the side of the motherboard that you press on and the RAM module will pop out.  You can replace it with a better RAM module by slipping the new one into the vacated slot and pressing down delicately on it until it closes and snaps into place.

When you upgrade your RAM you will instantly notice and increase in PC performance.  Stay up to date with the latest RAM technology and you will begin to understand the importance of RAM.

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