What do People Want from Role Play?

Role playing games are probably one of the most intriguing game types, especially when the developers spend enough time perfecting the game or at least certain aspects that catch on among players.

People that choose a role playing game may have a number of reasons to do so. A common one is probably related to the title of the genre and that is to play the role of another person.

Escaping their daily routine, by entering a new world (historic, fantastic or futuristic) for a number of hours that can vary depending on the length of the game and the ways of spending time in it while not doing quests.

It has been already proven that some games may succeed even when they still have bugs, side quests with problems, graphical art issues as long as they have a strong main story to back them up. I am thinking of the Gothic Series as I write this, and how the marvelous story in the 3rd game of the series inspired the community to develop new patches after the last official one launched, and how they covered most of the game problems to provide an almost perfect gaming feeling for themselves and other fans of the game.

Role playing games can either be played offline or online. Going for those that can be played offline, provides the user with other characters in game known as NPCs, which behave like normal humans and are programmed to have different reactions according to your direct actions. For instance when you steal something from Gothic II game, if you are spotted by a guard, he will ask you for money to compensate for your act (known as fine) while if you are spotted by a regular citizen he will try to attack you.

As for online RPG games, commonly known as MMORPGs, the game world involves both NPC and real life players, which brings more diversity for the overall feeling. An advantage for online RPG games is that apart from competition that may arise in guild quests, they generally encourage social cooperation between players and social interaction for the mutual benefit of all players. A known and very used collaboration, apart from the guild, is the party, where 2 or more users decide to perform a specific task or do a quest together to further increase their chances of success.

Unlike real life, in RPG games people generally want to help especially if you are new, this being yet another advantage of living an online experience.

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