Which Computer to Buy? – A Consumer’s Guide

You are deciding to buy a new computer or replace an old one and you realize that you do not know what type of computer you should get.  Many consumers face this perplexing dilemma when buying a computer.  With a considerable amount of computers available for sale, it can be confusing when you have to decide which computer to buy.  This article discusses how to buy a computer that is right for you.
PC consumers become caught-up in the computer marketing glitz that can be overwhelming.  Pick up a PC magazine and you will see the significant amount of computers for sale and some of the many options to choose from for a particular brand of computer.  This is where many consumers make a mistake.  They look at all the computer bells and whistles instead of looking at themselves.  The best thing to do is to make a decision about what your needs are when it comes to buying a computer.

Take inventory, what are you going to use a computer for, are you the only one using the computer, how important is what you do on a computer and how much do you truly have to spend on a new computer. Do not worry about what color or shape it is, instead focus on productivity.  How can I take advantage of a new computer to increase my standard of living?  Many people underestimate the power of a good computer. A good computer can change lives.
The work you do should be an important deciding factor when buying a computer.  A person in the graphic arts field may need a powerful computer to render drawings and artwork.  A large screen may be good do so that you can see the detail of what you are doing.  People who primarily play games on their computers would want similar characteristics in a new computer.  Plenty of RAM and computing speed to render those space ships and aliens and a large screen to see the enemy before they get you.  You get the idea.  On the other side, some people just use their computers to do word processing or check email.  These tasks do not require a lot of processing power and fancy display screens but you may want a particularly designed keyboard that is comfortable to use.  The display screen would not have to be sophisticated if you only use your computer for word processing, spreadsheets or email.  Putting your money where your work is and cutting back on options you do not need or will not use can increase your productivity while saving money.
What you intend to use a computer for will influence what brand of computer to buy.  Many musicians prefer Apple Macintosh or Apple G1 computers because they com preinstalled with audio functions that may have to be added to IBM type computers.  If you are starting a business and using your computer as a server then maximum RAM and computing speed must be considered.  Some computer manufacturers specialize in the design of servers.  You may want to consider a rack mounted computer for portability, cooling concerns and saving.

Before you buy a computer ask friends who are familiar with computers, visit computer stores and ask sales people about your needs in relation to a new computer.  You may be able to find what you need on Ebay, in the classified ads or in a used computer shop.  So, sit down and think about your needs and not what you want and it should be easy to decide which computer to buy.

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