A Review of the Revolutionary Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet

The ThinkPad X220 Tablet is the latest technological tablet PC from Lenovo, renowned industry giants of manufacturing hi-end revolutionary tablet PCs and laptops. Lenovo is on a mission to create a series of ThinkPad X tablets featuring the amazing x220 notebook, a windows 7 powered device that has a 12.5 inch display, an Intel’s new sandy bridge core processor, and wacom digitizer among many other amazing features. It is a very hardy device having passed testing specifications for tablet PCs such as shock, humidity, and extreme temperatures.


The X220 tablet from Lenovo, as mentioned above, is one of the toughest devices in the market, having passed numerous tests for temperature, humidity among other harmful elements that affect your everyday convertible PC. Although probably not as hardy as some of the high-end convertibles available in the market, you can rest assured that this device can handle day-to-day wear and tear with ease. When held, it feels as if it has been curved from a very solid piece of plastic.

The hinges of the screen are sturdily and tightly built, save for the fact that it only rotates at 180 degrees to a single direction. Should you rotate it to the wrong direction though, no worries because the hinge will show no signs of stress or strain, yes that is how hardy this device has been built. The display further opens up at a whopping 180 degrees, providing you with the best display for all your on-screen viewing needs.

Speakers and Screen

The X220 Tablet comes with a 12.5-inch IPS display (1366 x 768), it ships with an additional Gorilla glass should you want to increase its austerity. The 12.5 inch display plays a perfect role of shrugging glare off without compromising on the level of brightness. As such, if you are an office worker you will find this device very suitable for using indoors, and the relative dimness makes it ideal for an occasional use when outdoors.

Further, the X220 Tablet from Lenovo ships with an amazing pressure-sensitive Wacom pen… being Wacom means only one thing, the pen will not need any battery. It features a button on the grip on one hand and a handy eraser nub on the other end. Further, the pen is quite light and long enough to fit comfortably in your hands when using it.

The tablet PC further supports two inputs. The device has also utilized the SimpleTap Operating System skin which allows a sure to customize shortcuts, with each shortcut being represented by a huge, tap friendly icon. You can change the settings you use commonly and even call up your favorite programs thanks to the SimpleTap OS, or you can simply ignore the OS if it is not your cup of coffee, so to speak.

The speakers on the other hand do not disappoint as they do an excellent task of spitting out echo and jingle. They are ideal for personal use, whether you want to use the built-in webcam or participate in a video or conference call.

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