Google Translate iPhone App Review

People that are constantly traveling around the world will definitely love the Google Translate app for the iPhone. This app lets users to translate a word or phrase from 57 different languages instantly. Users can either type what they wish to translate or even speak it by tapping the microphone icon and the app will give you the results.

This app is basically very simple to use and very straight forward. Users input whatever they wish to translate and within seconds results are shown. If you wish to view the translated text in larger fonts, simply flip your iPhone into landscape view. This is great way to show the text to someone if you have trouble pronouncing it. We definitely can imagine this feature can get you out of a lot of difficult situations abroad.

On the other hand, if you wish to try to pronounce the words, this app also gives users phonetic texts that help you in pronouncing it. This feature can help users learn that specific language as well. Plus, trying to communicate with a foreign language will give you extra points with the locals. Also, there is a feature to listen to the translated text. Simply press on the speaker icon and the app will play the audio of the translated text. But you have to understand that not all languages support this feature.

This app also has a history of your past translations that is easy to access. Plus you can mark your most favorite terms or phrases with a star for quick reuse. On the Airplane Mode the history and starred contents are still available but users cannot translate new terms or words.

Users may notice that the accuracy in translating various languages varies. Users have reported that translations between the major European languages such as English, French and Portuguese are quite accurate. These include some insult phrases and even slang. But translating from English to an oriental language such as Japanese can be a bit off at times.

All in all, the Google Translate app for the iPhone is an essential app to have if you are constantly traveling or even if you just go on vacation to a foreign country from time to time. It is an effective way to communicate with people around you in a foreign country. Plus since it is free to download, we definitely recommend having this app on your device. Also this a great app to have if you are actually learning a foreign language.

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