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A while ago Mindless Dribble Inc. launched a group text management app called GroupMe. Just like the name implies, this app helps users send or receive text messages to groups of friends or colleagues. With GroupMe you can also manage the groups and the texting directly on your iPhone as well. On the other hand, since the GroupMe app uses your typical SMS system their service can work on any type of device.

First of all, when you launch the app, you have to register your cellular phone number. Next, either by using your iPhone contacts list or manually entering them, you can make groups and include members to it. You can label your groups as friends, colleagues, family or whatever you seem fit for that specific group. Plus, these groups can be set based on time such as “tonight”, “weekend” or even “ongoing”.

As soon as you are finished creating a group, then you and the other members of that specific group are sent a SMS text message from GroupMe with a new local telephone number that your group must use in order to communicate. Basically, each new group created is given a new telephone number by GroupMe. The cool thing about these new group telephone numbers is that you do not really need the GroupMe app since you simply just have to send a SMS text message to that specific number and your entire group will receive it. There are also several commands to remember such as #add to add a new member to the group, #end to end a specific group, #new to launch a new group, and of course #help to see more commands.

Using the GroupMe app on your iPhone is quite simple and straight forward. Basically, you can begin a conversation with your group by tapping the “Text Group” tab. This app also has a feature to allow a conference call between the members of your group. Simply tap on the “Conference” tab to start the conference call.

Sometimes it can be quite annoying and irritating if we join a group and receive text messages from that group at odd times. The GroupMe iPhone app has solved that problem by giving users the ability to mute any group. This is very useful if you have group members from different parts of the world with different time zones.

The GroupMe iPhone app has an option to automatically sync your groups’ information to your iPhone Contacts list. This app is free to download and there are no advertisements but the app will automatically send your group members a SMS text message promoting the iPhone GroupMe app. Also, it is important to know that the members of each group are limited to 25 people.

All in all, the GroupMe iPhone app takes the traditional text message service to another level. The app is simple to use with an excellent user interface. This app can now help us work wise to schedule meetings and even during leisure time to arrange a trip with our friends.

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