Hanging with Friends Free iPhone Game Review

Zynga has become a juggernaut in the social gaming sector with various addictive games. Their latest game is Hanging with Friends Free. This game is basically Hangman developed with various intriguing and interesting twists.

Similar to old fashioned Hangman, one person makes a word that their opponent has to guess. Although, unlike Hangman, Hanging with Friends requires one player to select words from a random mix of twelve letters, similar to selecting a row of tiles from Scrabble. Each player in this game is represented by an avatar that is floated up in the air by 5 different balloons. Each time a player incorrectly guesses the word a balloon pops. Your avatar does a freefall if you lose all five balloons. Since this is a game for all ages, I assume Zynga didn’t want to develop the game with someone hanging so the created the balloons.

Another new feature of this game is the coin system that will receive mixed reviews from players. There are three lifelines players can use to help themselves when they are trying to guess their opponents words. These lifelines cost 20 coins each. Players can receive coins by gaining points from the words they make. Similar to Scrabble each word has a specific point to it, and each time you make a new word a randomly placed multiplier appears at one of the eight spaces given to you. This idea is quite unique and makes players to strategize in creating words. Players must now decide whether to play a high point word that is simple to guess or a low point word that is difficult to guess or a mix of both. One problem is that players receive only twenty coins for each 200 points that they score but this can be achieved after several turns.

This game is definitely addictive even though the lifeline and the coin system are a bit imbalanced. When you face against a formidable opponent, games can become quite intense. As the game continues, each player will have fewer margins for error and guesses. This game becomes quite addictive because you have to creative every time you play.

On one hand, this game still have several minor bugs to be looked into and the coin system just feels uncomfortable but Hanging with Friends Free is an excellent novel twist on a traditional game. If you just love word games and feel somewhat good in them, we definitely recommend you to download this game on your iPhone. This game is free to download at the App Store but if you wish to purchase the ad free version, you can do so for just $1.99.

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