HTC Flyer Tablet PC Review

If the HTC flyer is anything to go by, then tablet PC users have something to look forward to. If you are looking for a unique tablet PC that comes with distinctive features unlike other android powered tablets, then look no further beyond the HTC Flyer. If you expected to find the same nitty gritty found in the Xoom or the Honeycomb tablet, then you are in for a huge disappointment.

The HTC flyer is a 7″ gingerbread tablet that features the custom SENSE UI and a capable and competent single core 1.5GHz QUALCOMM processor. The most defining feature however of the flyer is the N-trig pen accessory and the fact that it has utilized HTC Scribe technology, thus making the HTC flyer an above-board note-taking PC tablet. Here is an in-depth review of the HTC flyer tablet PC to help you know whether this is your dream tablet or not.

The HTC flyer not only has distinctive specifications, it assumes a unique and distinctive look, or about as unique as any other rectangular shaped device can look. The back panel of the flyer narrows off at the edge, bleeding over from the back towards the front of your device, protruding slightly from your display. When you couple this with the finger-friendly plastic covers it ships with makes the flyer an exceptionally easy to grip device with a single hand. This makes perfect sense though, if the device will function well as a scribe tech and allow you to take notes, it will need to be firmly gripped on one hand as the other hand is free to take notes.

It has four soft keys strategically located on two sides of the display lighting up the device depending on the screen orientation at the time of use, including the all too familiar android home, the back options, and the menu, not to mention the flyer-distinctive pen options which features various types of pens, sizes, colors as well as quick access to the all-important and handy notes app. Note that the soft pen key does not recognize finger taps, it only registers pen inputs.

The HTC flyer comes with two cameras, a front-facing one that adorns the upper landscape part of the chassis and a rear-facing one which are accompanied by two powerful speakers. In general, the HTC flyer feels and looks great with the negligible protrusions and bumps that make it ideal for gripping with the hand. Interiorly, it comes equipped with amazing features.

One thing though that HTC seem to have failed terribly is not to put in place a place where one can dock the pen on the device. While embedding such a slot can compromise significantly on the design of your tablet PC, a magnetic or removable clip can be practical, especially considering the fact that the pen comes at an $80 price tag, which is not as affordable as it looks in this harsh economic times that we live in today.

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