Meal Snap iPhone App Review

People watching their weight will definitely love Meal Snap. Basically, Meal Snap is an iPhone app that informs people calorie information of food photographs they have taken. In essence this app is like a Shazam for food and calorie counting. It is also very simple and straight forward to use. All you have to do is take a picture of any food and the app automatically sends it to its servers to identify. After just a few minutes you will receive information about the food and its calories. The app also keeps a history of all the foods you queried.

Usually it only takes two to ten minutes to receive the calorie results of your food. As soon as you receive the results a kitchen timer sound will ding. In order to give feedback, users can rate the accuracy of the given results. Users can choose either Awful, OK or Spot On for the accuracy of the results.

The captions for the foods are usually accurate and users won’t have too much trouble with them. Some of the captions are quite funny while others can be generic. On the other hand, a lot of users may notice how the calorie results are quite varied in standards. There are quite a few times where it is in the awful category since the app tends to give users a very wide range of calories. This may subsequently bother your calorie count when you are in a strict diet. If you want to test the calorie count simply take a picture of your favorite potato chips and compare the results you receive from the app with the calories on the bag. Sadly, you cannot edit the calorie results but you can edit the caption and even zoom in a picture.

One great feature of Meal Snap is that it will instantly classify your meal depending on when you took that specific photograph. As an example, if you take a picture and ask for a calorie count early in the afternoon, the app will automatically categorize it as an “Afternoon Snack”. You can always come back and edit this feature. Also, for every day, users are given an estimated total calorie count from all the pictures you have sent. On the left side of the app you can see a timeline that you can use to jump to any previous day.

All in all, Meal Snap is an excellent concept but needs more work. In needs to be more accurate so people can really apply it to their diets.

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