Memneon iPhone Game Review

Memneon is a pattern memorizing game created for the iPhone and the iPad. You can download this game from the App Store for just $0.99. Basically, players are shown a pattern with neon colors and they are asked to recreate them. This may sound like an easy concept but after a few games you will realize that it is not.

Even on practice mode Memneon is quite challenging. In essence it is a pure memorization game. Players are given three different types of memory games. The first type of game is where players are required to memorize a still image and this is the easiest. The second type of game has the circles in the image pulsate that can confuse you. The third type of game is the hardest where players are required to memorize circles that glow in sequence but also disappear in sequence. Basically, players have to memorize the sequence the circles fade in and also its position.

Memneon is difficult because the playing field where players must memorize shapes and positions is quite large. They field that you play with is 7×7 and circles can appear anywhere on it. There should be a way to edit the playing field to help less gifted players. Maybe for beginners a playing field with a smaller grid would be helpful like a 4×4 gird. Maybe the developers will keep this in mind for the future so they can gradually increase the difficulty.

The graphics are quite straight forward and the neon images are quite easy to create. After a while the neon can become quite boring and even hurts your eyes a bit. But again, the graphics are quite clean and has a vintage feel to it. On the other hand, the layout of the game is quite clean and interesting. The user interface such as the menu system, lives, and score board are done quite well and easy to understand. The background can be a bit more interesting though.

All in all, Memneon is an exceptionally clean and visually sharp memory game. This game is quite difficult even on the easiest type of game. The good thing about these games is that the more you play the better your memory becomes. Do this regularly and you will definitely give your brain a work out. Start on the easiest game type and slowly progress to the hardest. We recommend this game for people that wish to increase their memory.

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