Pudding Panic iPhone Game Review

Pudding Panic is a new game for the iPhone, iPadn and the iPod Touch. This game was developed by Kunst-Stoff GmbH and you can download it for just $0.99. This game is quite interesting because you basically play a small green dessert with a pair of eyes. You control this guy on a roller coaster dodging witches, zombies, demons and skeletons throughout the carnival ride.

This is basically a super fast trail changing game. Players must modify the tracks with straight paths and left/right turners in order to guide your pudding like character. The player has to manipulate the tracks to collect coins to buy various items including a speed booster or a snake bite attack. During the quick ride, players must also grab golden tickets and run past red switches in order to beat a level. All this is done while trying to avoid witches, demons, and skeletons. Players will have a great time playing this game past 48 levels through four different worlds.

Kunst-Stoff GmbH developed this game to be very graphically stunning. Imagine a style similar to Tim Burton’s with a touch of Ren and Stimpy with a darker tone. The enemy and boss designs seem menacing and cute that will remind you of the “Nightmare Before Christmas”. The graphics are one of the best and original ever seen for a game in its genre. Even the character that you play, the little green blob pudding is designed uniquely and is quite original.

The gameplay for Pudding Panic is rather hectic and challenging. Players are constantly under pressure to in this game since they also need to move the camera to check for threats in front of them while at the same time avoiding troublesome enemies. The good thing about this game is that players are given a good amount of health on the health bar. Plus, with some experimentation, players can finish even the hardest levels. The controls let players to control most of the action with their right hand while the left hand controls the camera. This may need some getting used to but after you’ve got the controls the game just flows. On the other hand, this may be difficult for left handed players and they might need a longer learning curve. But you can still modify the controls so that the camera follows your character.

All in all, this is a very beautiful game with amazing graphics. The sounds are also fun and catchy but can be boring at times. With beautiful characters and unique gameplay Pudding Panic is a great game in its genre.

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  1. meow says:

    the game has a option for left and righthanded players in the options menu 🙂

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