Yobongo iPhone App Review

Back in 90’s, during the beginning of the internet, people where flocking to chat rooms. You had various chat rooms for every type of people. Well now, you have Yobongo which takes the chat room concept to another level. Basically, Yobongo is an iPhone app that allows users to chat with people close to their location.

With the Yobongo app on your iPhone users can search for people to chat with based on your location and theirs as well. As an example, imagine a situation where you are at a boring bar and wished to meet people around your location. Then, let’s say that several people around your location have the Yobongo app installed on their iPhones. Just log on and you will be inside the local chat room allowing you to chat with everyone there. Basically, this app is very simple and straight forward since the app basically figures everything out for you. Yobongo will automatically decide what chat room to put you in but you can always exit the room and again the app will automatically log you into another room. The basic premise of this app is that you will be matched up with other people that share things in common with you. Sadly, as of writing this article, the Yobongo app is only available in Austin, New York City and San Francisco. But the developers have plans to expand their services to other cities in the near future.

Right now, countless of iPhone apps utilize the location based features of the iPhone to add something more to their service. Essentially, Yobongo will also be utilizing the location based service as a main component in its chatting platform service. If all of your friends have this app installed in their iPhones, communicating with your friends and family can be quite effective and cheap.

On the other hand, these types of communication services are quite a lot in the App Store and the market has been quite saturated with them. There are also other similar services such as HeyTell and GroupMe that has quite a few users already and Yobongo has to catch up. Yobongo has a unique concept so it has potential to gain enough traction for growth. Without a doubt Yobongo provides users with a very useful service. All in all, Yobongo has the potential to be a great app but it also requires that your whole group of friends, family and colleagues to install this app on their iPhones.

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