An Enco-friendly Pocket Sized Dynamo

The Magno AM/FM Radio designed by Singgih Kartono and distributed by Areaware is lauded as being a highly eco-friendly addition to personal equipment. After all, green is the way to go in this world of environmental awareness and this radio will tap into this growing trend in consumerism.

Its uniqueness is in the fact that it is handcrafted from villagers from an Indonesian farming village encouraging entrepreneurship there. The radio does not attempt to deceive when it says it is environmentally friendly. Although made from wood, every tree used to manufacture the radios is replaced with a new plant. The distributor’s make consistent use of recycled and biodegradable material in the radio’s construction to ensure that eco-friendly consumers support the approach at environmental conservation.

The Magno’s very styling boasts an incorporation of the modern and contemporary that will have it blending in a variety of homes or even commercial enterprises. At the same time it is cost effective and energy efficient based on the long term usage and use of eco friendly batteries. Easy to clean, sizes of large, medium and small radios charm owners into merging time and space with the radios.

The Magno line of radios has made a dynamic combination with AM/FM, mp3, shortwave frequency that it promotes.

One of the chief disadvantages of this device could have been the fact that its use of AM/FM band will have periods of interrupted service as these bands depend on short reach radio waves. However, the inclusion of AM/FM with shortwave feature ensures that transmissions can be picked up for miles as they rely on 3-30 mega hertz frequency range. One cannot help but be attracted to this as famous broadcasting houses use the technology to communicate worldwide.

Admittedly, the Magno AM/FM Radios costs more than the average mass produced radio, but the more important is the attention to detail, durability and incorporating of modern and older technology will make this an informed, aesthetically pleasing choice.

Its design encourages a closeness with nature and a harmonious connection between new technology such as MP3 compatibility alongside older equipment such as short wave radio reception. Added to that its external layout incorporates modernity with the use or traditional materials.

Made of Ebony wood, the Magno is MP3 compatible and it still maintains a shortwave connection. In a world with high tech digital equipment, this is an outstanding balance as most modern technology fail to incorporate this in their designs.

Using AA batteries which are also built with an environmental focus, a potential buyer most definitely will want to know they are getting value out of the product. The ebony wood chosen assuredly is built to last and survive different climatic conditions. With the simple care of wood polish this can be achieved.

An environmentally conscious consumer will find a novel choice in the Magno AM/FM shortwave radio based off its eco-friendly construction, its durability and AM/FM shortwave capability will different types of people. They provide radio owners with an intimate feel as and despite this intricacy it is easy for care for.

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