BlackBerry Curve 8300: One of the best Smartphone in the market

PROS: This phone is made sexy and slim. It has Bluetooth, media player and new spell checker for your emails. A full QWERTY keypad is also part of this Smartphone. Bluetooth and media player has also been integrated into the phone. For easier email and memo check, a new spell checker is available for this phone. When in noisy places, this phone boasts an audio technology that functions as a call volume changer for easier listening to your favorite music.

CONS: This Smartphone lacks an integrated Wi-fi and 3G capability. Its camera does not have a video recording function. The call quality of the phone it produces are quite off a bit as the voices are not that great when speaking.

Conclusion: With the absence of a Wi-Fi and 3G capability, this phone does provide the user an advance design. It has a feature that is attractive for both professional and non professional customers.

This phone is also known as the RIM Blackberry Curve. The phone is quite small. It is the lightest QWERTY Smartphone available in the market today. With its compact design, the keyboard design is very perfect for messaging. However, this Smartphone is considered a remake of the previous RIM Blackberry 8800. But this new Smartphone provides users with new improvements. The spell checker is an example.

The phone is best used for those professional people who rely on the GPS capability of the phone. Though it lacks Wi-Fi and 3G it does provide a complete package of functionality, multimedia fun and rock solid performance. The phone is price at $199.99 for a two year contract.

Specifications: The phone has universal 3.5mm audio jack for easier access to your favorite multimedia functions and likewise you can put your favorite headphones to boost your listening needs. The phone can support MP3, AAC, MIDI and WAV music files. For video formats, and AVI, MP$ and 3GP is available. The flash memory of the phone is 64MB but the phone allows for an extended memory card for those people who are into storing files. The music player of the phone is not quite great but is already sufficient in terms of listening and performance. The phone also features a mode when you are listening to music then there is a phone call, the music shuts down temporarily so that you can receive the call.

The phone has a trackball navigation system. It also has keyboard lighting. The phone is just 3.9 oz. It is very light yet compact.

This Smartphone is compatible with Blackberry Enterprise. It can support and do transaction for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and Novell group. Their main function is having a corporate email in real time. This is a major plus for this phone’s performance and functions. The phone can also process Word documents, Excel, Corel. In terms of pictures, PDF’ and Jpeg is available for this phone.

With its sleek design it is very perfect for easy text messaging. Lacking in Wi-Fi and 3G functions, the phone compensates in some other ways.

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