Internet Search Engines Cause Poor Memory, Scientist Claim

Internet search engines have become the integral part of our lives. Almost daily several queries of ours are routed to these engines leading to the correct source. However, if you are too glued to these hubs then it might lead to poor memory retention capacity. The breaking news has hit the international zones after the research has been conducted by expert field scientists. Over a period of time an individual gets totally dependent on the search results and becomes an addict to the search engines. This may cause decrease in retention levels and also these individuals acquire knowledge at a much slower pace from thereon.

Therefore, if you are a guardian and your kids often fetch information from search engines then you should be in spot of bother too. Ideally, you should counsel them with the best practices and ensure that they are following the best practices in a seamless manner.

The scientists concluded random tests with over 10,000 participants across the globe. The results were shocking and as a result the need of the hour is to align oneself with the tech suites in a manner which provides scalable utility to the users but does not makes one completely dependent on the information.

Get going and look to use these informational hubs in a meticulous manner. Over use of these features can hamper the IQ in any person. The need is to streamline the content as per the needs but also yet the users do some hard work on personal end.

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