Kenwood DPX320 mixing old and new Radio Technology

The Kenwood DPX302 CD can play at length MP3, WMA and AAC loaded on a CD and also a portable audio player can also be connected allowing for flexibility in music formats and choices. It’s CD player with built in MOS-FET amplifier pushing 22 watts. It is similar to other digital car stereos as it is capable of playing AM/FM radio and CDs as there will be users who simply want to have that basic connectivity upon occasion.

Its remote control allows for easy adjustment to stereo while driving, and external amplifiers, built in frequency filters and subwoofer controls can help to make the system easy to be tuned according to how it is liked.

In terms of audio, the Kenwood DPX302 powerful sound and stereo can be expanded. It has a stem Q Sound Control – that is 6 EQ with a tri-band equalizer. It allows for better sound of compressed MP3 and WMA files. Sound can be modified to specifications according to the size and type of speakers. In fact, in its field where audio is concerned, the system is called advanced as the audio settings are impressive for disc based and radio sources. Even files that have been compressed can produce good quality audio as there is a Supreme setting on the Kenwood DPX302 that restores these tracks to their high frequencies.

Further expandability with front panel auxiliary input and has two sets of preamp outputs and it is also HD and iPod ready which will make it attractive to a potential costumer.

The Kenwood DPX302 is designed to fit into an audio slot for a 4” opening which is suitable both for American and Japanese vehicles. It will therefore fit in well with double DIN replacement and upon purchase the brackets are provided to facilitate its installation.

The DPX302 is seen as not making maximum use of space available, its faceplate could have more features packed in with the size of the device.

The userace could be more user friendly.m use of space available, its faceplate could have more features packedlikedhe size and tinterface could be more user friendly, it is simply more complex than it should be.  The DPX302’s interface has also been described as less than adequate even for a system at the entry level of car stereos, and Kenwood is not at the entry level in the business.

Its instructions are not quite clear, but a little one on one attention will facilitate a better knowledge of its features. At the same time some persons may not have the time to do this analysis. Its faceplate and display are also described as mediocre in design, making it difficult to move and select files. Manufacturers could have also incorporated better navigation where the digital audio library is concerned, its single-line dot matrix display is limited. It can only show 10 characters at a time, so, this does not add to any safe driving as the driver will have to wait to see the full titles if songs are higher than that length.

Overall, the Kenwood DPX302 has digital audio support and this offers advanced audio-customization.

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