Key Facts About Google Panda Algorithm

Google’s Panda algorithm has unsettled the page rankings of several webmasters while rewarded several others for their streamlined progress. The webmaster community however, is zapped about the norms they should follow in order to align their websites in a better manner to the Panda algorithm. And if you are one amongst them then you must refer to the outlined facts about the algorithm in a seamless manner.

  • Unique Content Holds The Key

The webmasters should focus on providing meaningful and value based information to the end users rather than copying the content from premier sites. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to pick who posted it earlier and will penalize the copiers eventually in the upcoming Page rank or Panda update. The copied pages are ranked lower and invariably are not even figured for the top keyword searches pertaining to the content piece.

  • Too Many Ads Ruin The Fun

As far as possible the ads should not clout the content and there should not be too many ads on the content page. The best breed content will go well with a type of ad network – Google Adsense or Click Bank or any other but limited to one only will suffice the need.

  • Stay Away From Link Farms

The cheap quality links can torment the rankings of the content in just about no time at all. Only the best link sources and legitimate back linking measures should be used by the end users.

  • Auto Blogging Scripts Won’t Help Either

The auto blogging scripts can boost the traffic in the shorter run but the webmasters can be penalized for Google DMCA on the go. These measures should not be sorted out by the end users. The auto blogging is a strict no for those who do not wish to downgrade their rankings or traffic on the go.

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One Response to "Key Facts About Google Panda Algorithm"

  1. Verla Vandermark says:

    I got hit by Google Panda myself aswell…

    I’ve been searching for ways around the Google Panda update and I did alot of experimenting on my own web sites.
    Here are some tips to consider:

    1) lower the bouncerate on your web sites
    2) delete/nofollow/noindex thin and low quality webpages
    3) boost Ctr in the SERPS (E.g use crazy call to actions and stuff on your page titles)
    4) give more increased value with your website (improve users onpage time)
    5) interlink your site with optimized anchor texts
    6) make use of a privacy policy, bulletpoints, paragraphs, subtiles, images, address/phone number, SSL, google maps location, contact us, about us etc etc (every “possible” added quality factors you can think of)
    7) Get more quality links with effective anchor text variation.

    Link building must be done in a very diverse and consistent fashion.

    Another thing, I am a beta tester for LinkALoha at the moment and i’m seeing GREAT results. I think they are going to open a couple new spots shortly, you guys should check it out. Those guys are great

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