Nokia Gaining Back Their Composure With Meego – or are they?

And so the battle of the best smart phone available in the market gets sharper.  As the outbreak of Google’s Android draws in massive attention in the Mobile industry,  Apple at the same time augmented further their spanking iOS to greater heights (with the release of iPhone4 and the latest iTouch) which drove mobile fanatics on frenzy for the latest Apple gadget. The mobile giant (of yesterday) Nokia on the other hand couldn’t help but slowly slip down the competition  as its archrivals steal attention from its highly acclaimed Symbian OS. Modding up their interfaces with creativity, usability and convenience farther than how the consumers imagined it.

Now time has come for Nokia regain their pace in the competition. The mobile giant together with the world’s most trusted chipset producer has came up with a mobile platform that will sure to match Android and iPhone OS – the Meego.

So What’s In Store for Everyone?

To start with, this OS will be up and running on Nokia’s latest smart phone, the N9.  This runs in Linux platform which will surely give the device a boost in processing speed.  Knowing that Intel, the world’s well known quality and top of the class chipset manufacturer has took part in this project.  Consumers are assured that

Meego is an Open Source Mobile Operating System that is designed to run limitless number of 3rd party applications. Since this platform will be integrated into Nokia’s device (more specifically N9), applications for this platform will be available for download via Ovi.  Here’s a surprise, Meego will not only feature one application market. Since this mobile platform was made possible with the hand of the computer chipset master Intel, they will also integrate their own application market for the OS. So devices which will be equipped with the latest Meego will enjoy two application markets, giving it more options and array of different applications to choose from.

Android and iPhone are equipped with browsers that features full browsing experience, which also has a flash player support giving its users a rich browsing experience.  To match this, creators of Meego welcome its users with is very own preinstalled web browser named Fenec. This browser is developed by Mozilla and it boast a richer web browser experience than what Android and iPhone has brought to the market. It does not only feature a full flash support, but its VOIP support that enables you to make calls using intensive internet connection rather than your cellphone’s network provider makes Meego outside above the rest in the competition.

Just like its platform Archrivals Android and iOS, it also has its own unique build and design. The old nokia user interface gets a massive tweak, it has transformed the old symbian into a hefty good looking Android –like and iPhone-like blueprint, with a lot of modification and distinction on the side which is uniquely Meego. From the Gallery, to the Music Player, everything has undergone a makeover and will surely please the eyes of its users.

Where does it fall short at this point?

The only downside of this platform by far is the limited available applications that could be available in OVI and Intel store that are available for download. The fact that this is a newly developed mobile OS and that Intel have yet to establish a mobile app store since this will be their first shot.  Users may not get that much satisfaction in downloading applications that would feed their hunger for convenient one click away applications that they could integrate with their daily lives.  But as far as this is concern, it would only take  a matter of time before developers for this platform bring out Meego’s full potential with 3rd party apps and compete with Google’s App market and iPhone’s iTune store. It is still too early to conclude what will be of Meego’s Application store, its potential is limitless.

Last Say

Now that the world have witnessed Nokia’s attempt thrown in something fresh on the table, the biggest challenge that’s left for the mobile giant to conquer is – Can it make Google and Apple throw their hats on the ring?

What would surface in the end is the consumers’ preferences and needs in a smart phone.


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