One of the Most Attractive Internet Radios

The Pure Oasis Flow, running at £142.82, is a rechargeable internet compatible radio, which allows for roaming as its portability allows for being used outdoors. It combines the growing technology of digital radio and FM reception beautifully, to ensure the user has entertainment access regardless of their location. It also facilitates Wi-Fi connectivity so internet radio is no problem in terms of access once there is range of a wireless network.

In terms of connectivity, the Pure Oasis Flow has a headphone jack, auxiliary in, USB port and 12 DC charging capability built in.  It has an OLED touch screen display with bright yellow text which makes it easily readable regardless of the lighting conditions. This screen makes it far easier to surf through submenus throughout the radio.

Some would consider the Oasis Flow more than a simple portable radio, as it is also able to connect to iPod or MP3 players so for outdoor listening, especially at a small picnic, entertainment value is unlimited.

The Oasis Flow has a sturdy weatherproof case with an aluminum cast as its overall structure as well as rubber seals which both support it if it falls or is around areas with excessive moisture.

Pure Oasis Flow has left no aspect uncovered as it facilitates hours of portable listening. It carries a built in ChargePak battery, which is an optional in-unit battery pack which can be charged easily while listening the radio is still being facilitated.

Weighing 3.6 kg, the Pure Oasis Flow requires 1 lithium ion battery, and this is often included upon purchase.

The Oasis is a product that is primarily made to work with the UK’s digital radio standard and supplied only with a 3 pin- plug in. The manufacturers make no pretense at this being usable outside of the UK.

Its sound quality is largely described as average, but with its portability its till able to achieve some level of use on the go.

Being in a world where instant access means no hesitation to be online, some picky purchasers will not be attracted to the Pure Oasis Flow as it takes almost 30 seconds to power up.

Its size is also a detractor for some, it is large and heavy which contradicts the lightweight aspect of portable radios. At the same time, it is still quite sturdy which gives the support that damage from a fall should not be a major problem.

In terms of charging its batteries there are unnecessary problems. Added to this, inputting text and searching the Flow were surprisingly frustrating for such a lauded device and an onscreen keyboard would have been welcome. Further toward questioning some of the features, the USB capability could be expanded to have more formats usable as its only for an Ethernet adapter.

While the Pure Oasis Flow requires more tweaking in terms of quality, it being portable and waterproof Internet and FM radio with Wi-Fi capabilities have it remaining attractive to users who will have to decide if the flaws are deterrents to purchase.


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