One of the Most popularly Recommended Internet and Wi-Fi Radios

Extremely popular where Internet and Wi-Fi Radios are concerned, this compact radio is able to fit into any work area. There is a deliberate and thereby useful choice of button placement on the front panel, adding to an overall good design. The Logitech Squeezebox Radio is lauded as giving you “no computer, no clutter, no limits” all in one package. Music, sports and news worldwide can be accessed using the Logitech Squeezebox radio as options are unlimited once there is Internet connection available through a wireless source. Popular Internet Radio options such as Pandora and Rhapsody are not available at a click.

The Squeezebox packs a strong amount of power, high quality audio with the built in speakers that do not take up much space as it is as small as a clock radio. Its speakers are integrated into the system which means that no stereo is required.

The Squeezebox has a 2.4 inches screen providing full colour with menus designed with the thinking of the user in mind are is another key feature of the Squeezebox and these allow for smooth browsing in which ever manner desired.

To the owner’s advantage, customization is possible as preset buttons give the option of quick access to favourite or most frequently accessed areas in the system.

With the Logitech Squeezebox, connectivity is felt to its highest extent as music recommendations can be shared with Facebook friends. Naturally, it would be expected that the iPod and other portable music players can be connected to the radio for more music choices through the 3.5mm stereo jack. The radio also has an alarm that can run up to seven days and has automatic dimming depending on when lights have been turned off.

Convenience for the user is an overriding issue that Logitech has kept to the forefront of the Squeezeboz’s design. In this it has a dedication to ease of navigation. The large knob in the center facilitates this as it offers so many options within each menu. For example, in depressing this centre knob while menu is able to confirm a choice and even while songs are playing, the knob allows more options to come up. It also has a separate, if somewhat smaller knob for volume control in contrast with other brands and models who have one knob combinations for menus and volume.

Added to all this, Logitech has a commitment to portability as the optional battery will facilitate freedom of movement with entertainment. As stated, this is optional, which means that the battery, along with the remote cost extra. Further toward portability, the Logitech Squeezebox also has a built in handle so it can be moved around safely.

In comparison to other radios with similar capabilites, it is important to note that the squeezebox is more expensive and its choice will most naturally keep that in consideration.

In terms of the initial setup, it is quite complicated and may require some professional support.  Where audio is conderned, the Squeezebox has noted stability issues.

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