Providing Outstanding Clarity – the Panasonic CQ-C8305U

The Panasonic CQ-C8305U is a device that immediately can be appreciated for as its display of 172×54 pixels provide outstanding clarity. Using Organic Electro Luminescence display, the face is self-illuminating making it easy to read which is mandatory for a car stereo. Physically, the Panasonic CQ-C8305U has a wide viewing angle, and this at the same time has features which can be customized easily.

This stereo is equipped with SRS WOW, and this allows natural 3D sound and this smoothly blends front and rear speakers. It has a motorized faceplate which rolls down to reveal the disc slot.

The expansion is made possible which is becoming a necessity with consumers who have a growing digital lifestyle. These allow different things such as being able to link the car audio equipment with a variety of digital devices; iPods can be plugged in, XM or Sirius satellite radio receiver, Bluetooth and even video camera and video game set up systems are allowed. In making these connections the user can decide on using cables or using hands free options.

Its 3D dot matrix display is eye catching with 5 times the display of an LCD screen. In terms of display, all the details from the music library can be viewed – artist, album or track name are no longer items that a car stereo owner needs to guess.

The Panasonic CQ-38305U is able to read CD-R and RW discs which have MPS, WMA or AAC music files and this is added to standard CDs. Amazingly, mixed formats on the CD is not a problem for the CQ-C8305U.

The Panasonic CQ-C8305U sound quality is good for such a system and allows for so much adjustment to the same sound quality. With a four channel MOS-FET power is allows the system to heighten the power with the built in amps that are able to distribute to each speaker 50 watts of power – that is a total of 200W. The MOS-FET amp is good where distortion is minimized because of the signal-to-noise ratio, which also translates into low power consumption and heat radiation. For better audio, the rear speakers can also be used as subwoofer to enhance the bass.

For iPod users, it has an easy to use interface.

Overall, the Panasonic CQ-C8305U gives the consumer a product a modern, digital age car stereo that allows easy modifications to the audio system. Along with iPod connectivity, the CQ-C8305U also allows for file and folder navigation.

On the other hand, the iPod interface is described as being basic and this is a consequence of trying too hard to be user friendly. It is also a good thing that the Bluetooth usage is optional as the sound quality during that connection is poor. While working with the modern development in technology is good, and the colour display will help sales, this adds little to the usability or the attractiveness of this car stereo. The 3D dot matrix proved difficult to read in sunlight and the images on display are pixilated.


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