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The line up of LG’s famous Optimus phones has ventured diverse niches aiming to magnet Android phone users from all categories and preferences.  The release of Optimus One has shown that you need not to have a high end droid device to experience the best of what Google’s platform could offer. The success of LG in proving this has left its users to anticipate LG’s continuous release of Budget yet powerful droids.

Time has paved way for all Android phone competitors to gear up their devices with top of the class specs. Then again for another time, here comes the brands that have shown the world that power needs not to come with a price.  The new LG Black’s an appearance in the smart phone market promises another  dynamic experience bringing the best of both worlds on the palm of your hands – Economy and robust character that everyone could easily take advantage.

The “Bright” side of this Black Killer

Just like Optimus One, LG Optimus Black offers ground breaking Android all around experience which users don’t usually get from its price range.   It’s very bulky in terms of user attributes.  To start with, the rich screen display is where it tries to own the dispute against its Android contenders.  NOVA LCD is hailed to be the brightest screen for smart phones that have yet to exist.  This masterpiece flaunts 700 nits of brightness which competing phones can’t even come close to surpassing a quarter of it. Aside from that, this innovative screen help conserve energy/battery life of at least 50%. NOVA LED display being LG Optimus Black’s main highlight, will surely.

Its predecessor Optimus One may have served the users with a full feature web browser, but have missed wielding a flash player support for it. So, playing youtube videos in the browser is the next thing to impossible. This time around, users can finally do away with the youtube app (which cannot search and play almost half of youtube videos) and experience youtube as if they’re just seated in front of the comforts of their desktops or notebooks.

Looking at the behind of this power player, a 5MP pixel camera can be found paired with a dual LED flash.  You’ll finally get your way around dimly lit environment while taking pictures.  As with other high end Android phones, the video recording gets a massive boost.  It can now record at full HD (1080×720 pixels), and accommodated with a DiVX support to play DVD format videos.

The dark side to its bright world

High end phones to date are already armed with dual core processors, while this fella only runs on single core. But if we think again basing on its price tag, it is just proper for LG to do away with that aspect and rather focusing more on its essentials. It’s all monetary on this area.

Another downer for this Android phone by LG is the Android Platform version in which the handset runs. While Gingerbread update are now running on its competing devices, LG has not yet moved on with Froyo and opted to win the hearts of consumers with it.

For users who are after a heavenly music experience on the go, this will definitely turn you down. It is not armed with an audio player that will blow your mind.  Its sound quality is not bad, it just remains to be mediocre just like the Optimus One.  The only thing that’s pleasing with its music playing is its major UI upgrade, it’s more an eye candy player rather than an eargasmic material.

To wrap things up

LG Optimus Black cannot fully duel the most powerful droids out in the market right now, and it surely do not intend to.  This baby is out to conquer the mid-high range market, the type of users that does not demand the world, but yet needs the best that their pockets could offer (just like its predecessor Optimus One during its time).  It may seem awkward to label this phone as “Powerful” with the existence of Androids that are packed with higher processing. But as what stated earlier it does not aim to compete with their category, rather it has a market of its own and with that it tends to surface among the rest in the competition leaving them trailing behind.  If you do not want to extend your pockets limits beyond its depth while vying for an all around pack, this phone is definitely for you.

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