The Best Portable iPod dock stereo

iLive IS208B Stereo System with iPod Dock has dedicated itself to the smooth connectivity of the iPod and offers so many features at cost $36.28. It is quite straight forward, simple to understand and set up does not need to pose a problem. The docking station is able to charge the iPod even while the music is being played. Therefore, whenever the owner is finished playing music through the iLive IS208B, they can unplug and go with a fully charged iPod. In comparison with other models, the iLive is able to connect through the dock with different sizes of iPods as it has different brackets for each version. It is cool, squat design helps it in fitting within a variety of environment.

The iLive IS208B’s able to produce clear sharp audio, with a good sound quality when the price of the stereo is taken into consideration.

As it relates to input and output, the IS208B comes with a 3.5 mm auxiliary input. Added to its compatibility with iPod is iLive’s ability to connect with MP3 players and cell phones.  It is even compatible with video games through the line input connector. The 3.5 mm auxiliary input allows the iLive to be usable with external audio devices such as a CD or MP3 player. The 3.5 mm output allows for signals to be loaded to another device.

It is always to the owner’s advantage to have a radio which is boasting a clock, in the case of the iLive IS208B, it is digital and displayed on a see through LCD screen which has white backlight. Once the clock is properly adjusted and showing the correct time, it can be set to sleep as desired by its owner. This sleep timer allows the radio to turn off music at a specified time.

The iLive also comes with a remote, but it might be asked if there is some added benefit to benefit to this remote control in comparison to other portable models which also have an iPod dock? In the case of the iLive IS208B, this remote has full range of options as relates to the stereo itself.

An odd deficiency of the model goes where the digital clock is concerned. It does not have an alarm feature. In this fast paced world of ever improving technology, it would be expected that such a sophisticated radio would have the capability of having an alarm clock.

There are uncertainties pertaining to the purpose of the EQ button.

There are also instances when the unit has just crashed, that is it simply failed in certain aspects. For example the speakers just stopped working and no sound was being produced. Its energy efficiency comes into question as when powered off and still connected to AC or the batteries are still included, the radio produces an annoying buzz. The LED lights tend to be too bright and this becomes most apparent in dimly lit areas such as the bedroom.

Despite all its flaws, the iLive IS208B Stereo System with iPod Dock is well equipped to be a viable stereo where investment and features are concerned. Its input and output jacks allow for the addition of multiple sources.

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