Toshiba Protege R835 P56X: A Cool Laptop with a great Value and a few minor issues

The good: it’s daunted to be a smarter choice than the much pricier Apple Mac Book Winter Pro 2011 with its fast i5 Intel core CPU and a long- lasting battery life.

The bad: Although the graphics are better, gamers will clearly be a bit disappointed. Plus it has poor speakers too.

The verdict: it’s a highly competitive light- weight, reasonably priced 13 inch lap-top.

The new Toshiba Protege R835 P56X has very clean and simple look. It is ultraportable in its 3.2-pound frame, just slightly heavier than its wafer- thin competitions, but then it does have an optical drive which can’t be found on those 2 point something pound laptops.

It has a 13.3 inch wide screen that displays a decent 1,366 x 768 resolution. To the average user, this shouldn’t be a problem. Only the gaming community will complain for this non gamer- friendly screen clarity.

For the fast- typing people, the keys have deep, bumpy response that you can get only from the “traditional” keyboard unlike those flatter keys from other laptops. The touch pad is quite responsive and wide and clicking on the mouse buttons isn’t tiring as they are tuned perfectly.

Probably the most compelling feature that sets it apart from its thinner counterparts is the presence of a built-in optical drive. Not all ultraportable laptops are built with one. Even for its size, it contains pretty much a lot of ports and connections: an SD slot, Ethernet, HDMI, and VGA ports, and three USB ports in which the two are combos (E-SATA and USB 3.0). Wireless connectivity is also covered with its 802.11n Wi-Fi, WiMax, and Intel’s Wireless Display 2 (WiDi2). This makes it useful for those who have an access from WiMax towers or for some who wants to have a wireless connection between an HDTV and their laptop. The new WiDi2 can support 1080p HD video streams, an improvement to the first WiDi’s 720 p support. The only downside with this seemingly perfect entertainment companion is that it has tiny speakers that are placed above the keyboard which becomes distorted whenever the laptop is moved.

Performance-wise, the Toshiba Protege R835 has a standard- voltage processor which makes it supreme to others as it makes the processor run at full speed unlike those which contain lower voltage chips. Even with its high speed processor action, battery life is not compromised with its energy efficient Sandy Bridge architecture. The battery scores up to 9 hours and 26 minutes which beats any other ultraportable devices available by 2 hours the least. This literally makes the Protege R835 perfect for that dusk till dawn laptop action.

All in all, the Toshiba Protege R835 series represents a great value for your money. It may not give the best graphics possible nor does it have the best speakers but its total performance is superb, it’s thin and light weight, and it has more battery flexibility than the much more expensive 13 inch laptops there is. It truly exudes great quality, well- built and highly portable unit.


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