Why Google+ Can be a Threat to Privacy

Do you like storing or sharing web albums on Picasa? Well then you might also have signed up for Google’s latest social attempt, Google+. And if you have then you might end up being in spot of bother like several millions of users have been by now. One of the prerequisites of signing up for Google+ is to share the Picasa web albums with the social circle. And if you have not made these private then whole world can view the photos on the move. Several initial users of the utility have in fact complained about the nuisance caused by the feature to one and all.

The privacy settings in Google+ are not robust and comprehensive enough when compared to Facebook. As a result, users who log on to the network often fiddle around for few minutes and get back to Facebook to crib about Google+. The value centric users should therefore stay away from the hoax of Google+. The mature service for comprehensive updates is Facebook while for short tweets is Twitter. Google+ stands nowhere in the scene and should therefore be avoided to the farthest extent possible.

The end users should act in a methodical manner while trying to deal with the nuances of a new social platform. The plethora of such solutions has hit the internet market space and the onus of selecting the best breed service largely lies on to the customers. They should look to channelize their investments in these products in a streamlined manner at all times.



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4 Responses to "Why Google+ Can be a Threat to Privacy"

  1. Abdul says:

    Wrong! All fake! Google+ FTW!

  2. Tech Readers says:

    And why do you say that? Based on what?

  3. Abdul says:

    @Tech Readers – Google+ has far more better privacy than facebook, as the stuff you share is not available to all your friend list. It is available to your specific circles (the person you want to share with). Why share a school thing with family and relative? And in Picasa you can make every thing privite just like you can on Facebook!!!

  4. anony-mouse says:

    Nonsense. G+ has much better privacy options than facebook.

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