Acquire for Photoshop – Sends iOS Photos Straight into Photoshop

iPhone has new iOS app which is Acquire for Photoshop offered in the appstore, which permit you to send iOS photos, with any camera well equipped iDevices, directly into Photoshop CS5 or soon after.

In Photoshop CS5 or later editions it has been found that Acquire for Photoshop has advantage of the incorporated remote server element, the transmission of images from iDevices to Photoshop straight, without any wire.

Photoshop CS5 and other later editions are the requirements of Acquire for Photoshop, therefore be sure before getting so as to make certain that you have purchased the exact version.

Acquire is a simple, powerful utility for instantly ingesting images from your camera-equipped iOS device into Adobe Photoshop CS5. Using Adobe’s Remote Connect feature, an image shot with your device’s camera instantly, wirelessly transmitted into Photoshop so you can work with it without delay.

Photoshop customer and iPhone bloggers use Acquire for Photoshop as a handy app and it is very useful for them. It maintains the procedure of flowing without any disruption and it also saves time and steps. The use of Acquire for Photoshop is very easy as: as soon as you put in, on an iOS appliance the ‘Acquire for Photoshop’ the remote server in your Photoshop CS5 is permitted, on the same Wi-Fi place your iDevice and PC, build the connection of remote server to Acquire, then take a photo from iDevice and select one photo from the photo album and then send to Photoshop. This is what you liked to have photo in Photoshop.


  • Simple: One really valuable item for which Acquire is manufactured and it work well and does it.
  • Powerful: You can speedily send pictures to any photocopy of Photoshop CS5 on system by connecting Acquire to Photoshop via Wi-Fi.
  • Flexible: You can have many devices to shoot pictures to only one device at one time as Acquire chains numerous parallel links.
  • Secure: The system and arrangement stays protected as the communication between your tool and Photoshop is encrypted.

Download Acquire For Photoshop

Purchase and download Acquire for Photoshop from the AppStore for $1.99. [Download Link]

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