An Overview of New Features Introduced by Facebook

We have debated a lot about Facebook’s f8 developer conference. Finally, it is held on Thursday at Sans Francisco and as expected brought lot of surprises for us. In fact the entire conference was full of surprises. Since its launch, it is for the first time when Facebook has introduced extensive changes to their social platform. In this particular post, I have tried to give you a glimpse of salient features announced at the f8 developer conference.

1. Timeline: This features works as a scrapbook. With an all-new renovated profile page, Facebook has announced Timeline. Originally, it is all about you, i.e. what you have posted, status updates, apps you have used, places you have visited via world map and so on. It is more apt to say that it is a stream of information about you that will go back to your birth. Many people appreciate this feature, while for many it mars your privacy.

The information will appear in a compressed form as you move back in the Timeline to ensure that you can enjoy only the memorable events from your past. The whole stream of information is customizable as well. You just need to click on a ‘star’ appear beside a status, say or enlarging a photo.

Currently, it is in its beta version, but it is expected to become a default profile page in future. This feature will start after getting permission from users.

2. Facebook Gestures or Buttons: Until today, you have had only one verb available to use on comments, photos, videos, person, product, ‘Like’.  But Facebook has announced that soon this will be accompanied by certain other verbs, named Facebook Gestures. These Gestures will allow the Facebook’s partners and developers to turn any verb into a button.

We reported earlier about Facebook intentions to launch Read, Listened and Watched buttons and here we are. Facebook Gestures will enable you to let your friends know what you are doing, i.e. ‘Reading’ a book, ‘Watching’ any particular film and/or ‘Listening’ to your favorite music.

3. Facebook apps won’t Ask for Permission to Post Content Over and Over Again: Like Timeline, this feature is also received a mix response from users, but not as controversial as Timeline. Earlier, all the apps had set to ask for user’s permission to post content in your news feed for every single activity, which is often very annoying. Under this feature, apps only ask for your permission once and if you allow it, a description will be provided to you about what it is going to share. If you confirm, the app won’t ask for your permission again.

4. The Ticker: We have already covered this feature in one of our previous post. This is another exciting feature from Facebook. All you want to discover about your friends is their status updates, photos from any particular event, changes in relationship status, etc rather than knowing what your friend planted in FarmVille or who played Mafia Wars. So, all the common information has been removed from the Ticker, leaving behind a real-time activities or postings by your friends, which will appear on the right-side of your page.

5. Watch TV and Movies, Listen to Music, and Read News with Your Friends: All these features are now available at one platform. Yes! Facebook has brought all these features to its network by partnering with several companies. For instance, ‘Hulu’ is Facebook’s video media partner, ‘Spotify’ shares its music services with Facebook, while ‘Yahoo News’ will offer latest updates all from your profile page. You need not to switch to other windows for watching videos, listening to music or reading a news story. All your activities will appear on your friend’s Ticker and the link enable them to share the experience with you.

6. Subscribe Button: Although, this button is not launched at f8, it is part of the Facebook juggernaut. It was introduced few days ago and through this feature you can follow anyone who is not a part of your friend list. You will receive updates from his/her on your news feed. Remember, you can subscribe anyone either your friends from your friend list or any other celebrity which is not your friend.

7. More Users and More Traffic: In the start of the event, the Saturday Night Live actor Adam Samberg parodying the Mark Zuckerberg and announced that Facebook has received 800 million users, to say active users not mere the signups. In addition to this, it was also declared in the event that Facebook held a record for most visitors in single day, i.e. whopping 500 million.

Facebook is now entering into a new era and we have to see how Google+ – the major competitor of Facebook respond to this.

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